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Mugla Plateaus heavily flocked by domestic and foreign tourists in summer months are a distinct world for visitors thanks to its proximity to the coast, rich fauna and authentic life styles of “yoruks” (nomadic Turkish tribe living on animal husbandry).

Agla Plateau / Koycegiz - Agla Village (Plateau)

The fantastic plateau village Agla is accessed after climbing a 15-km road 3 km of which is asphalt between two exits of Koycegiz to main road. Minibuses from Koycegiz are available. The plateau is at a height of 800 meters. It is known for its forest around it and frigid spring water. Centennial pine, fir trees, orchards and vegetable gardens are very attractive. The wooden plateau houses peculiar to Koycegiz region glorify the beauty of nature. It is ideal for those who want to have a holiday in the midst of nature at wooden plateau houses. Visitors can spend an amusing day in a pleasant and natural environment at popular excursion spots at Agla-Acilik. Gigantic plane trees, the youngest of which is 600 years old, are the most typical characteristics of the region

A country restaurant serves in Agla Village Arena embellished by weeping willows, plane trees and rosewoods. Besides alternatives such as meat roasted on a metal plate and trout found everywhere foods such as “Borana” peculiar to the region are offered to the clients.

Lake Kartal at a height of 2000 meters nearby the plateau witnesses “Mahya and Cicekbaba Festival” attended by hundreds of people on the third Thursday of every August. Sheep and goat kids are sacrificed, meat is roasted on kilns, folk dances and other activities are carried out during festivals. There is a higher peak at a height of 2,295 meters above Lake Kartal and it is known as Sandras (Cicekbaba).

The trekking route at a length of 18 km between Agla Plateau and Cicekbaba Plateau is a well known route. The coast of lake in Cicekbaba Plateau is suitable for camping. It is possible to provide whatever needed in the plateau. Units such as a post office, a market, a restaurant are available.

Fethiye - Karabel and Kuyucak Plateaus

These plateaus are accessed by a 3-km stabilized road after turning to south on the 49th km of Fethiye-Korkuteli-Antalya highway. It is also possible to get to the plateaus by vehicles plying between Fethiye-Korkuteli-Antalya.

The plateaus completely virgin are covered with mountain meadows, wild flowers, deodar and centennial juniper trees. “Yoruks” keeping the plateau tradition in Anatolia pasture their animals for five months pitching up their tents made of goat hair in these fertile plateaus at a height of 1,300 meters.

Another significant plateau of Fethiye is Dokuzgol Plateau at 25 km southeastern of the town. The plateau belonging to the residents of Fethiye and to the yoruks in the neighborhood lacks settlements. It is worth touring with its fresh air, rich nature and admirable landscape.

Kavaklidere - Gokcukuru Plateaus

The plateau situated on southeastern of town Kavaklidere is accessed by a 14-km stabilized road going through the forest. Regular vehicles from the town are available.

The plateau at a height of 1,700 is completely virgin and covered with pine trees, mountain meadows and wild flowers. It is possible to buy copper handmade gifts produced in town Kavaklidere from the plateau where Taurus tulips (in red and variegated colors) are grown in a natural environment. There is an accommodation unit, usually for sportsman, in an auberge style constructed by Ministry of Forestry. It is possible to provide materials for basic needs from the plateau.

Mentese City - Yerkupe and Otekaya Plateaus

Yerkupe Plateau on the southeastern of Mentese city is accessed through an 8-km stabilized road. Bulk transportation from Mentese is available.

There are simple plateau houses stayed at by local people in the plateau covered with pine forests and plane trees. The underground cave having two exits with stalactites and stalagmites inside can also be toured.

Otekaya Plateau on the northwestern of Mentese city is accessed through a 4-km stabilized road. Regular bulk transportation vehicles ply from the city. The plateau at a height of 900 meters is surrounded by pine forests. The plateau houses integrated with orchards and vegetable gardens are made of stone and wooden materials. It is possible to buy famous Mentese carpets woven by residents of the plateau.

Fethiye - Baba Dag (Mount Baba)

It is accessed through a 17-km pathway separating from the 6th km of the asphalt road to Oludeniz (Dead Sea) in Fethiye.

Baba Dag having picturesque landscapes and natural charms with Taurus tulips and wild flowers at the end of May is one of the favored places of campers and people doing paragliding. Those who want to tour the plateau should bring their tents and materials for basic needs with themselves.