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Icel Plateaus on the sides of Taurus Mountains especially around Mut, Silifke, and Anamur is a haunting point of those who are tired of summer warmth and who want to get pleasure out of nature. It has been a tradition for a long time that residents of lower areas have spent their summers in order to protect themselves from the effect of summer. Moreover, Icel and the plateaus around it where “yoruks” (nomadic Turkish tribe living on animal husbandry) densely reside nomadic life style is still common. The plateaus host to local and foreign visitors as well as nomadic people and plateau people in summer months.

Plants such as laurels, wild olives, carobs, oleanders, dried fruits, myrtles and blackberries are grown at Taurus Mountains. Oaks, red pines, black pines, deodars and juniper forests are seen in different formations in different regions. Especially cyclamens, salep (orchis), savories and mint are the most common plant species of the flora grown in Icel and at Taurus Mountains.

Convenient climatic and geographical conditions in the region have caused richness of plant and animal species. There are many zones for the protection and production of wild animals and wild goats, falcons, hawks, sparrow hawks, wild pigs, rabbits and partridges are the most common animals in the region.

Camliyayla (Camli Plateau) (Namrun)

Camliyayla is a plateau settlement situated on the sides of historical Namrun Castle. The plateau hosts many natural charms besides its slopes covered with forests of Taurus Mountains, houses maintaining the authentic architectures, green sunny grounds and with its fresh air.

The plateau at a height of 1,430 meters above sea level and on the sides of Mount Kulpet is got by a 90-km asphalt road from Icel. Camliyayla is situated on a vast ground with its historical and scenic beauties. There are many summer houses built as second residences in the plateau whose infrastructure is completed.

River Cehennem and its neighborhood in the region rich in wild life are used as a protection and production area of wild goats (Capra aegagrus) and as a hunting ground.

Canyon of Cehennem River at a 4-km distance to the plateau is one of the ideal routes for a nature walk. It is possible to do sportive angling in River Cehennem. Namrun Castle and the Papaz Garden are places to be toured.

A popular promenade known as Papaz Garden at a 15-km distance to the town is located on a pleasant valley and has an ideal environment for resting and having a picnic under centennial pine trees. The road to Papaz Garden is taken when you turn to east at the junction of Fakilar at a 7-km distance to Camliyayla on the Camliyayla-Tarsus asphalt. A gigantic centennial tree, 1,100 years old, known as “Mother Juniper” can be seen on the road to River Kadincik at a 4-km distance to Bukluboyun at a height of 2,150 on the route.

Picnic tables located among streams in Papaz Garden where mighty trees act as canopies by not letting sunrays reach the ground. It is a great pleasure to have a picnic at these tables with water splashes under dark shades and to duck your feet into the stream.

There are nearly 10 crater lakes with different sizes worth seeing on grounds above timberline after 2,000 meters. Convenient camping grounds are available for climbers especially around Lake Cini of these lakes. Masat at a 10-km distance, Catak at a 20-km distance and Saydiye and Sayfabasi Locations at a 30-km distance between town Camliyayla and Taurus Mountains are snowy in December-June and it is possible to ski at summer times.

Gozne City (Plateau)

Gozne Plateau toured by thousands of domestic and foreign tourists at summer times is accessed by a 27-km asphalt road from Mersin. It is easy to transport. Minibuses ply from Mersin at certain hours. The surroundings of the plateau at a height of 1,200 meters and on the sides of the Taurus Mountains at north of Mersin is covered with trees such as pine, juniper, oak, apple, cherry, morello and quince trees.

Units such as a post office, a village clinic furnish services in the plateau whose infrastructure is completed. It is possible to camp both in the forest and on green plains in the plateau. Especially Gozne Castle and its neighborhood is a place preferred by visitors for camping.

It is also possible to benefit from Gozne thermal spring having a 38 C° temperature and from mud bath in the plateau for remedies of various diseases.

Facilities such as country coffees, grocers and restaurants for daily needs are available in the plateau.

Sogucak (Bekiralani) Plateau

The plateau on 24 km north of Mersin is got by another 1 km after turning to left at the 23rd km of the road to Gozne Plateau. Minibuses from Mersin also ply at certain hours.

Sogucak, a plateau village, hosts houses of Icel residents. Its infrastructure is completed and units such as a post office, a clinic village furnish services. Country coffees, a grocer and a restaurant are available in the plateau.

Aslankoy City (Plateau)

Aslankoy Plateau is got by a 52-km asphalt road from Mersin is a peaceful and comfortable resting resort nested with orchards and vegetable gardens. The Plateau is a right preference for those tired of summer warmth and in search for the pleasant coolness of fresh mountain air.

There is an underground cave near Sekersu Cliff at 500 meters northern of the plateau whose infrastructure is completed. It is possible to camp nearby the dirt road passing through the forest between Aslankoy and Gozne city or on the wood margin. The region is very convenient for ornithological (bird observation) exanimation.

Findikpinari City (Plateau)

Findiklipinari Plateau is accessed by a 32-km asphalt road to the sides of Taurus Mountains after turning to north from Mezitli city on the 12th km of Mersin-Antalya highway. Minibuses ply from Icel and Mezitli city at certain hours.

It is a nice plateau with its virgin nature and fresh air with plentiful oxygen. The neighborhood of the plateau is covered with hills, pine and juniper trees and maquis and the innards of the plateau are covered with orchards and vegetable gardens. A village clinic and a gendarme station furnish services on the plateau whose infrastructure is completed. A market, a bakery, a restaurant and country coffees are available in the plateau.

Erdemli - Sorgun and Kucuk Sorgun Plateaus

Sorgun Plateau in the midst of Taurus Mountains is got by a road, 41 km of which is asphalt and 4 km of which is stabilized from town Erdemli.

Village Sorgun located in a small valley among hills is surrounded by apple gardens. Typical plateau houses take attention in Sorgun Plateau attracted by Erdemli, Tomuk residents and villagers in the neighborhood. Historical watchtower at a 1, 5 km distance to the road in the northern direction is one of the places to be toured.

Plateau houses can be rented to accommodate in the plateau. It is possible to accommodate inside nature by bringing camping equipment.

Kucuk Sorgun Plateau is reached by an 8-km stabilized road after turning on the 41st km of road to Erdemli-Sorgun Village. Minibuses are available from town Erdemli at summer times.

It is possible to camp on plains where there is boiling water on the ground at 2-km eastern of the plateau.
Country coffees, restaurants serving meat dishes and grocers are available in the plateau.

Mut- Kozlar, Dagpazari, Sartavul Plateaus

Kozlar Plateau on 19-km northern of town Mut is a lovely plateau located on the sides of a mountain having rich sea-fossil beds and where history and nature are interwoven.

There are effective canyons around the plateau. Canyons have courses convenient for trekking. Antique graveyards engraved on the slopes of the canyon makes trekking more interesting and amusing. Moreover, watchtowers dating back to old times are other places to tour in the plateau.

Grounds most convenient for camping are fountainheads. Those who want to camp should bring their tents and materials for basic needs with themselves.

The plateau village of Dagpazari on the 36 km north of town Mut is got by a road, 15 km of which is asphalt and 21 km of which is stabilized.

Grocers, country coffees, a clinic village and a gendarme station furnish services in the plateau located on the remnants of an antique town. Vestiges of an old church in the midst of the village and mosaics in the garden of a house are historical remnants worth seeing. The innards of the village whose neighborhood is surrounded by juniper trees and maquis is covered with orchards and vegetable gardens.

Convenient camping grounds for camping are available in the plateau.

Sartavul Plateau on the 36th km of Mut-Karaman-Konya highway is located on Sartavul Passage connecting the Mediterranean to Central Anatolia. The innards of the plateau surrounded by pine and juniper trees are covered with orchards, wildflowers and mountain meadows. Yoruks, the real residents of the region frequently visited by residents of Mut, Silifke and Karaman, pasture their animals here by pitching up tents. Atahan Monastery accessed by a 1.5 km stabilized road after turning to right at the 21st km of Mut-Sartavul road is worth seeing. It is possible to observe animals in the Protection and Hunting Zone of Wild Goats in Mount Kestel nearby the plateau. Trekking can be done in the Kestel (Kapuzu) Canyon nearby.

A post office, a gendarme station, a fueling station, grocers, country restaurants serving trout and meat dishes furnish services in the plateau whose infrastructure is completed.

Silifke - Kirobasi (Mara), Uzuncaburc, Balandiz and Gokbelen Plateaus

The Plateau village located on the northern of town Silifke and in the midst of Taurus Mountains is reached by a 46-km asphalt road. Minibuses ply from Silifke at certain hours as well. It is one of the oldest plateaus of Silifke region. It was also used as a residential area during Roman and Byzantine periods. There are water carriers dating back to antique ages and still used by local people. The plateau and its neighborhood are covered with juniper trees and corn cockle shrubs. Kirobasi Plateau Festival is held on 30th of August each year.

The Silifke region proposes many alternatives to visitors in terms of plateaus. Uzuncaburc City (Plateau) at a 27-km distance to Silifke is a plateau interwoven with history and located on the antique town of Olba. The road to the plateau is asphalt and it is easy to access. Country coffees, country restaurants, grocers, a village clinic and a gendarme station are available. Minibuses ply from Silifke.

Balandiz Plateau is situated on the 21st km of Silifke highway. Typical village life can be observed with all its naturalness in the plateau among pine, pistachio, orchards and gardens and walnut trees.

Gokbelen Plateau is at a 30-km distance to Silifke highway. The plateau usually used by residents of Mersin and Silifke at summer times is among pine trees. Houses in the plateau are integrated with orchards and vegetable gardens. Gokbelen Plateau Festivals are held on 29-30th of August each year.

Units such as a restaurant, a market, a telephone box, a village clinic are available in the plateau where basic needs are easily supplied.

Anamur - Abanoz and Kas Plateaus

It is possible to get to Abanoz Plateau on the 50th km of Anamur-Ermenek-Karaman highway by bulk transportation.

Wooden and stone houses of the plateau located on the slopes of two hills and a channel of a river takes attention with it authentic architecture in the midst of greenness. Grocers, country coffees and restaurants serving meat dishes furnish services in the plateau heavily used by residents of local people at summer times.

An underground cave known as Cave Bicikli and the remnants of a castle at Kaletepe are among the places to be toured in the plateau covered with centennial fir and juniper trees.

Convenient camping and caravan grounds to accommodate are available in the plateau where basic needs are readily provided.

Kas Plateau on the 40th km of Anamur-Ermenek-Karaman highway is worth visiting and seeing.

Grocers, country coffees and restaurants serving meat dishes furnish services in the plateau located between two hills.