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Gumushane has a distinct geography and climate bearing the features of both East Anatolia and Black Sea Region. One of the provinces rich in terms of plateaus is Gumushane. The province has nearly 450 plateaus with different sizes. The nature of the plateaus is very nice and they are easily accessible. The plateaus are generally located around Zigana Mountains on the “Historical Silk Road”.

The schedule of the plateau festivals held in these plateaus as a wonder of nature that are impossible to be presented with all of their features separately is stated below.

Ayazma Festival Torul 20th of May
Dortkonak Village Plateau Festivals City Center The second week of July
Kadirga Plateau Festival Torul The third Friday of July
Kazikbeli Plateau Festival Kurtun The first Wednesday of July
Guvendi Plateau Festivals Kurtun Wednesdays in June, July, August
Alacapazar Plateau Festivals Kurtun Wednesdays in June, July, August
Zigana Plateau Festivals Torul The second week of July
Kusburnu Pesitl Tourism Festival City Center 28–30th of August
Alitasi Tuzlam Festivals Torul The first week of July

Zigana Tourism Center –Zigana Plateau

Zigana Plateau reached through a 3,5-km stabilized road passing Zigana Tunnel at the 50th km of Gumushane-Trabzon highway is at a height of 2,032 meters. It welcomes visitors with its unusual landscapes, species of living creatures and plants, living styles and different colors and tastes. Steep and tough hills, plateaus connected to each other with pathways among the hills, nomadic camping grounds, houses and genial people call those who are lucky enough to visit the plateau to an unusual experience.

Zigana Plateau is one of the favored plateaus of visitors with grass skiing in summer months and courses convenient for skiing tourism in winter months.

Every kind of infrastructure and service unit such as electricity, drinking water, hotels, restaurants, country coffees, grocers, butchers and greengrocers is available in the plateau where there is a chair lift at a length of 800 meters, a skiing training center and a communication system.

Limli (Saranoy) Lake reached by a 3-km pathway from Zigana Plateau is worth seeing. It is possible to get to Limli Lake through an 11-km asphalt and 8-km dirt road passing through Kalkanli Village. Limli Crater Lake and its neighborhood is a significant place of plant examination with its endemic plant species over 200.

Taskopru Plateau

Taskopru Plateau at the borders of Dumanli Village in Yagmurdere Subdistrict is at a 50-km distance to Gumushane city center and 60-km distance to Trabzon. The plateau located on the east of Zigana Mountains is situated at a height of 2,140 meters. Bulk transportation from Trabzon and Yomra to Taskopru Plateau nearly every day during summer season is available. The plateau is reached passing Sogutagil, Yayladere, Ikiz, Kayabasi, Kostandagi and Yagmurdere from the direction of Gumushane. Yagmurdere is a place worth visiting with its houses with conical roofs. One of the arms of the historical Silk Road in the direction of the coast passes through Yagmurdere.

It is possible to reach Deveboynu Peak, the highest point (3,802 meters) of Zigana Mountains from Taskopru Plateau. Moreover, Cakirgol at a height of 2,700 above sea level and on the northern slopes of the mountain can be accessed.

In addition to the accommodation facilities composed of hotels and houses in bungalow styles, service units such as trout facilities, restaurants, markets, butchers, bakeries, greengrocers, teagardens, a post office, a mosque, a filling station, a football field, an automobile repair shop are available in the plateau. Those wishing to visit and know the region bearing many charms worth visiting and seeing very well can benefit from these facilities.

Kazikbeli Plateau

Kazikbeli Plateau within the borders of Soguteli Village in town Kurtun is at a 100-km distance to Gumushane. The plateau is one of the attractive plateaus in the region with its authentic natural and cultural structure and its endemic plant species and richness in landscapes. A country bazaar is founded in the plateau every Wednesday. The plateau festivals held on the first Wednesday of July gives a distinct color, joy and vividness to the plateau. It is possible to buy all sorts of local products at the plateau bazaar.

Infrastructure such as electricity and telephone is available in the plateau and units such as a market, a butcher, a greengrocer, a restaurant and a coffee furnish services to visitors. It is possible to benefit from hotels and pension in the plateau to accommodate throughout summer season.

Altintaslar (Kalis) Plateau

The plateau is reached by a road 40-km of which is asphalt and 12 km of which is a dirt road across Gulacar Village in Haskoy after turning to south, to the Siran road, at 15th km of Gumushane-Torul road. Electricity and telephone are available in Altintaslar District at a 6-km distance to the plateau on the way. Altintaslar Plateau is on the timber line and a gold mine used to be operated here.

Those having come nearby are advised to visit Artabel Lakes Natural Parks. The crater lakes located on the spring of Artabel River passing through Village Gulacar in town Torul and known as Yildiz Lakes, Bes Lakes, Karanlik Lakes etc. in the region are at approximately a 60-km distance to Gumushane city center. The first waterfall is reached by a forest road after Artabel District of Gulacar Village. It is necessary to walk for 90 minutes in order to get to Lake Karanlik, the first crater lake, after this point. Lake Artabel and its neighborhood are very rich in terms of flora and fauna.