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Giresun Plateaus are located on the high parts of Giresun. The plateau tradition is kept and domestic and foreign tourists get the opportunity to get acquainted with the interesting life styles of local people in these plateaus and they are attracted by the beauties of forests and wildlife as well as every tone of green.

Kumbet Plateau

Kumbet Plateau is at the borders of town Dereli on the south of Giresun. There are two alternatives to access the plateau through Giresun-Dereli-Sebinkarahisar road. The plateau is accessed by a 60-km road when Gudul-Yucekoy road is taken after Dereli. Or you can get to the plateau by following Sebinkarahisar and taking Ikisu-Uzundere road. A portion of the road is asphalt and the rest of it is a dirt road.

Kumbet Plateau, at Giresun Mountains, garnished with flowers by spring has fascinating landscapes for trekking. The southern part of the plateau at a height of 1,640 on average is included in the Alpin zones above timber line. The most significant aspect of the plateau, stayed at in summers and in winters as well, different from plateau settlements in the neighborhood is that it is the center of other plateaus and nomadic camping grounds in the neighborhood.

Aymac Hill at 2-km western part of Kumbet is a hill having a panorama of landscapes and rich in natural beauties. Spruce forests and wild flowers garnish the surroundings through the road. A plateau festival is held on the second Sunday of July in Aymac.

On Fridays, local people meet at the bazaar founded to trade once a week during summer. “The Otcular Festival” is held on the first Friday of the first week of July when the bazaar is founded. The Kumbet Plateau has an attractive beauty among pine trees with resin scents.

It is possible to buy handmade girths and woven baskets produced in the region from the Kumbet Plateau.

Units such as a post office, a village clinic, a market, a greengrocer, a restaurant, a bakery, a coffee and a repair shop are available in the plateau whose infrastructure is completed. It is possible to buy freshly cut meat from butchers and have it roasted or grilled.

The Salon Meadow Picnic Ground and Resting Facilities at a 1-km distance to the plateau center are on the way of the entrance of the Kumbet Plateau from Giresun. A 15-bedded resting house and a night club are available at the facilities.

The Kockaya Resting Facilities at a 5-km distance to Kumbet Plateau is composed of 55 beds and 17 bungalows. All basic needs can be provided from the facilities having a restaurant that can serve 200 people.

Bektas Plateau Tourism Center

Bektas Tourism Center at almost 56-km distance when the road to Evrenkoy, Erimez, Yavuzkemal from Giresun is taken is a composition with Kulakkaya Plateau, Melikli Nomadic Camping Ground, Kurttepe and Alcakbel Picnic Ground inside the Forest (Ormanici Piknik Alani) in the neighborhood. It is possible to get to Bektas Plateau from three roads. These are roads on Giresun-Dereli-Yavuz Kemal; Giresun-Batlama Stream-Inisdibi and Giresun-Bulancak.

The plateau at a height of 2,000 meters is above timber line. Green champaigns extend to the horizon. Despot Rock Cliff and Gelin Rock Cliff on the road are wonders of nature.

Kurttepe Site at 1 km east of Bektas Plateau has courses convenient for skiing in winters. It is possible to do grass skiing here in summers. Kulakkaya Plateau around Bektas Tourism Center is at a 45-km distance to city center of Giresun. It is at a height of 1,500 above sea level and has picturesque natural beauties.

Caldag (Mount Cal) and Despot Suyu (Brook Despot) at a height of 2,030 meters are among places worth seeing. Kulakkaya Plateau is more preferred for resting for a day as a result of its convenient transportation and low altitude. The facilities on the Alcakbel Picnic Ground inside the forest nearby the plateau furnish services to those having arrived for a day. A nice picnic ground, a playground, a restaurant and three chalets are available in the plateau.

Melikli Nomadic Camping Ground nearby the Kulakkaya Plateau has pleasant scenery with spruce forests around and with sods garnished with ericaceaes and wild azaleas. Small waterfalls interrupting the flow of the dirt road exhibit peaceful and fascinating images. Necessary materials for picnic for a day can be supplied from the plateau. It is also possible to supply needs from the Yavuz Kemal settlement at a 2-km distance.

There are also plateaus such as Disica and Ayilik around Yavuz Kemal Plateau surrounded by spruce forests at a height of 1,500 meters above sea level at a 42 km southern part of Giresun. Infrastructure services such as electricity, running water and a post office are available in city Yavuz Kemal.

All infrastructure services are available in the Bektas Plateau and plateaus around it and accommodation and catering is available as well. Moreover, it is possible to arrive to these plateaus from towns and provinces nearby for a day.

Karagol Mountains and Plateaus

Karagol Mountains at the southeastern part of town Dereli, nearby the intersection point of provinces Giresun-Ordu-Sivas, the second highest mountain of Giresun is at the height of 3,107 meters.

Plains covered with meadows around Karagol Crater Lake at Mount Karagol compose one of the famous plateaus in the region. In the region nearby the border of Ordu at the northern part of the mountain is Lake Aygir, a glacial lake, surrounded by Elmali, Bozat Tasi and Inboynu nomadic camping grounds below Karagol Hill at a height of 3,107 meters. In eastern direction is Karagol Lake, the largest lake at the mountain and in its valley to village Aksu is Lake Bagirsak. Egrikaya Nomadic Camping Ground is situated a little below Lake Bagirsak. There is Lake Camli on the northwestern slope of Kirklar Hill at a height of 3,040 meters at the most eastern part of Karagol Mountains and Lake Sagrak on the eastern slope. There are Kaniagil, Avsar, Upper Belen and Lower Belen camping grounds in the valley below Lake Sagrak. It is possible to do trekking with a guide in summers at Karagol Mountains very convenient for trekking.

Cakrak Plateaus

Cakrak Plateau at an 80-km distance to Giresun is accessed through Yaglidere and Kumbet Plateaus.

The plateau and its neighborhood have many historical constructions. There are three humpback bridges and remnants of two churches at Cakrak city center and a church surviving today and remnants of five mills on Kirkharman Nomadic Camping Ground nearby Cakrak. Moreover, “Haci Abdullah Wall” at a length of 7-km on Cikrikkapi Nomadic Camping Ground is worth sightseeing.

Pasa Konagi Plateau

The plateau at a height of 1,450 meters above sea level is accessed from city Kovanlik in town Bulancak.

Pasa Konagi Plateau is famous for its yellow, purple and white azaleas, deep canyon and waterfalls in these canyons. Karasay Waterfall, Gecilmez Valley, Lake Ciseli and Kizilot Meadow are among places worth sightseeing in the plateau.

Accommodation can be done at Sarialan Forest Facilities at a 5-km distance to the plateau. It is possible to camp on vast plains where the facility is situated.