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Islahiye Hizir Plateau (Huzur Plateau)

Huzur Plateau is reached following the steep and stabilized road full of turns for 20 km after turning to Tandir Village from Gaziantep-Adana highway.

Frigid spring water and brooks nourished by snow water flowing from the mountains enable the growth of flowers such as snowdrops, daffodils, mulleins besides the richness of tree sorts, daisies, cyclamens and tulips. Those who want to camp in the plateau should bring tents and materials for basic needs.

Kucuk Sof Plateau (Gerdek Spring)Kucuk Sof Plateau (Gerdek Spring)

Kucuk Sof Plateau is got following another 2, 5 km after a 10-km stabilized road after turning toward Dimisikli Village on the 25th km of Gaziantep-Adana highway.

The region is rocky. The plateau lacks any building. Those who want to visit the region should bring their materials for basic needs with themselves when traveling by their private cars.

Sof Plateau

Sof Alici Village is accessed through a 3-km road after Dimisikli Village. The plateau at the north the village is reached by a 2-km stabilized road.

The plateau at a height of 1,400 meters is surrounded by rocky hills. As fresh and healthy air causes crops such as cucumbers, apples and grapes grown in the plateau to ripen toward the end of summer due to the height above sea level, these crops taste very delicious.

It is advised that those who want to visit the region should travel by their private cars bring their materials for basic needs with themselves.