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[Plateau Tourism]


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Bayburt is one of the provinces with many plateaus thanks to its geographical position in the country. The plateaus are mainly situated on Kop and Soganli Mountains and at a height of 2,000 meters above sea level. Some of them are Kop, Cencul, Kusmer, Aydintepe, Akbulut, Otlukbeli, Akkoyun, Uzengili, Gumuspala, Yazyurdu, Cicekli, Yoncali, Tohnovi, Cavdar, Somarova, Karakaya, Menge, Seydiyakup, Cigdemlik, Gokcedere, Dumlu, Danzut, Gunbuldu, Sur, Irmak, Eser, Cukur, Ardicgozu, Armutlu, Yaylapinar and Goloba plateaus.

Kop Mountain Tourism Center –Kop Mountain Plateau

The plateau is at the 40th km of Bayburt-Askale highway. It is on the intercity autobus route. It is at 84-km distance to Erzurum airport.

It is possible to ski at the Kop Mountain at a height of 2,918. Therefore, the infrastructure is completed.

As it functions as a skiing center, all kinds of catering and accommodation is available in the plateau. A 112-bedded guest house of Special Provincial Administration is available. It is possible to provide materials for basic needs from Kop Village at a 15-km distance to Kop Mountain on the road.