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It is useful to present the schedule of traditional plateau festivals in the region before introducing Artvin plateaus.

Murgul Bull Fights Murgul 2nd of May
Artvin Kafkasor Culture and Art Festival City Center 17-20th of June
Aydin Village Plateau Festival Ardanuc 3–4th of July
Arhavi Culture and Art Festival Arhavi 10–11th of July
Ardanuc Karakucak Wrestling Ardanuc 24–26th of July
Savsat Sahara Festivals Savsat 1–2nd of August
Salikvan Plateau Festivals Arhavi 5–9th of August
Yusufeli Traditional Karakucak Wrestling Yusufeli 30–31st of October

Yusufeli - Kackar Tourism Center- Yaylalar Village

Yaylalar Village is at 53 km west of town Yusufeli. There is a 20-km stabilized road between Yusufeli-Sarigol cities. Yaylalar Village is reached through a 33-km dirt road from Sarigol. It is necessary to walk on a 10-km pathway between Yaylalar village and Dilberduzu Camping Ground. Visitors had better have a map with themselves. It is impossible to visit some regions without a guide.

A grocer, a country coffee, a restaurant, a bakery and a butcher are available in the Yaylalar Village at a height of 3,200 meters. Yaylalar Village is an interim accommodation center for those aiming to climb to the Kackar Mountains. It is possible to buy refreshments and to hire mules to carry goods from the village before climbing. Dilberduzu at a height of 3,328 meters is the camping ground closest to the peak of the Kackar Mountains. It is dangerous to climb to the Kackar Mountains at a height of 3,932 meters above sea level without a guide after Dilberduzu. There are wild animals such as lynx, bear, wild goat, wolf, jackal and fox in the region. It is possible to visit Altiparmak Church and to buy silk carpets woven in the village. The city Sarigol with sufficient infrastructure is the most convenient place to accommodate in the region.

Kafkasor Tourism Center (Kafkasor Plateau)

The plateau is reached through a 10-km dirt road from Artvin.

The plateau at a height of 1,250 meters is worth seeing. There are 80-bedded 10 bungalows in the plateau. The bungalows in the plateau can be used to accommodate by making reservations beforehand.

Bull fights and activities organized in the last week of June each year and lasting for three days are very interesting.

Medicinal springs called Ciskaro, Yalnizhasan and Acisu are available in the plateau. It is necessary to bring materials for basic needs in order to camp.

Borcka - Karagol (Black Lake)

Karagol is accessed by following the dirt road for 20 km after the 27th km of Borcka-Camili road the first 7 km of which is asphalt.

There are lynxes, grizzly bears, hook horned mountain goats, mountain chickens and raptors in the forests surrounding the lake. And it is possible to fish trout in the lake. Those who want to accommodate in the plateau should bring materials for basic needs with themselves.

Savsat - Karagol

It is possible to get to Karagol through a 30-km dirt road from Savsat town by private or rented cars.

A resting facility under Regional Forest Directorate is available in Karagol. Wild life is rich around Savsat as in Borcka-Karagol. It is necessary to bring camping equipment and materials for basic needs.

Sahara, Beyazsu and Gorgit Plateaus

The Sahara Plateau at a 15-km distance to town Savsat is in the borders of Sahara-Karagol National Park. Barracks in Kocabey take attention with their original architectural styles. The region is among a few places for Camping and Caravan Tourism.

Beyazsu (white water) Plateau on the sides of Kackar Mountains at a height of 2,200-2,400 meters has taken its name from white foams come into being when water sprung from a rock in the neighborhood has been flowing downwards. It is one of the high plateaus of Camili Region where the timber line comes to an end and pasture line starts. It is possible to go for a walk for a day from this plateau to the peak of Kackar Mountain and to Lake Yildiz, a crater lake. It is also one of the transition plateaus of Trans Karcal natural trekking tour. The accommodation is realized in plateau houses.

Camili-Gorgut is a forest area composed of trees, each of which is centennial. Also, it has a quality of being an “Old Forest”. Fir, spruce, beech, hornbeam and alder are the main tree sorts in this area. On the other hand, the basin where there is a protection zone is on the migration way of raptors. As a transportation vehicle is not available to the plateau, the region is not deformed. The pathways walked on across the plateau are a part of historical heritage. The accommodation is done in plateau houses and tents there.

Ardanuc - Babilan (Bulbulan) Plateaus

It is in the province borders of Ardahan. It is on Yalnizcam Mountains at a 15-km distance to the city center.

It is got through a 51-km dirt road from Ardanuc town of Artvin.

It is a plateau worth visiting thanks to its natural beauties, fresh air, drinking water, rich plant species and living creatures. The plateau as a junction among many allocation units (Ardahan, Artvin, Gole and Savsat) is like a bazaar where local people come together and trade in summer months. It is expected that it will be an alternative festival ground when Ardahan-Yalnizcam-Ardanuc highway about to be completed furnish service.

The bazaar founded on Saturdays every week in the plateau is very interesting. It is necessary to bring camping equipment and materials for basic needs in order to accommodate. It is possible to buy refreshments in the plateau on Saturdays and Sundays.