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Antalya furnished with historical and cultural richness and natural beauties where you get the most pleasure from its sun, sand and sea offers peerless holiday opportunities to visitors with its cool and pleasant plateaus extending to high Taurus Mountains.

Finike - Ordubek Plateau

The plateau is accessed through a 6-km stabilized road after the 41st km of Finike-Elmali road. Bulk transportation vehicles are also available from Finike at summer times.

The plateau surrounded by centennial deodar trees and juniper trees located on a vast area is covered with mountain meadows and wild flowers. The fact that few plateau houses are available and it is not used by people has caused the plateau having magnificent natural beauties as to be a virgin without being disrupted. The “Arycanda” city in the village Arif around the plateau is among places to be toured. It is possible to camp in the midst of greenness on extraordinarily nice plains in the plateau and its neighborhood. Those who want to accommodate in the plateau should bring necessary equipment with themselves.

Saklikent (Sakli) Plateau

The Saklikent Plateau at a height of 1,850 meters located in the middle of Beydaglari (Bey Mountains) chains on the northwest of Antalya is accessed through a road with pleasant scenery, 10 km of which is asphalt and 40 km of which is stabilized, from Antalya. Tracks and facilities convenient for skiing in winter, pensions, restaurants and markets are available in the plateau surrounded by juniper, fir and pine trees.

The Karcakuru, Fesikan, Yazir, Moryer, Feslegen plateaus, Yazir saddles, Bereket and Eren Mountains around the plateau visited especially by residents of Antalya are convenient for trekking, camping and having a picnic.

Ucoluk Plateau

Ucoluk Plateau is reached by a 37-km stabilized road going through pine trees from Kemer.

The plateau approximately at a height of 1,500 meters located on the southwest of Antalya is rich in terms of flora and fauna. Small plateau houses seem as if they are integrated with juniper, pine and plane trees. Camping and trekking tours are organized by travel agencies to the plateau visited by residents of Antalya and Kemer.

Those who want to accommodate in the plateau should bring necessary equipment with themselves.

Alanya Plateaus

Kas - Sapadere - Tokar and Sogut Plateaus

It is possible to get to these plateaus located innards of the Taurus Mountains on the northern of Demirtas Subdistrict of Alanya by a stabilized road.

Kas Plateau is at a 30-km distance to Alanya, 35-km to Sapadere Plateau, 40-km to Tokar Plateau and 50-km distance to Sogut Plateau. Bulk transportation from Alanya to these plateaus is available throughout summer.

These plateaus accessed by roads having fascinating landscapes and going through citrus, greenhouses, maquis, pine trees and sometimes through the bank of Demirtas Brook are visited by residents of Demirtas Subdistrict and villagers in the neighborhood. These plateaus covered with orchards, wild flowers and mountain meadows are virgin. It is possible to camp by the bank of Demirtas Brook and fish with fishing line.

Telephones, country coffees, country restaurants are available in the villages nearby the plateau.

Alanya - Derekoy Plateau

You can get to Derekoy by a 30-km asphalt road from Alanya.

Country coffees, grocers, a village clinic and restaurants serving meat dishes are available in the village toured by domestic and foreign tourists. The plateau is convenient for trekking. You can supply basic needs at the plateau.

Akseki - Piser Plateau

It is at an 11-km distance to Akseki and 9 km of the road is asphalt and 3 km of it is stabilized.

Those having arrived to this plateau to have a holiday with only nature and far from modern life have given a correct decision. The plateau is completely virgin. Village Aksahap around the plateau, River Manavgat and Cave Altinbesik (10 km) rarely met are worth sightseeing.

Ibradi Plateaus

Masad - Kocaoluk - Sutlegen - Elmali - Gebesin - Sogutbeli - Sulek Plateaus

These plateaus are on the Ibradi-Beysehir road of town Ibradi and nearby.

The plateaus are mainly on the slopes of Mount Hasan and at a height of 1200-1500 meters. The plateau and its neighborhood where there are simple stone houses are covered with pine, fir and deodar trees and orchards. Town Ibradi famous for its grape vineyards and local wine is among rare areas bearing old Turkish houses. The Cave Altinbesik (12 km), one of the biggest caves in Turkey, and Cave Dudencik at a 15-km distance should be toured.

Wild goats, partridges, foxes, rabbits, wild pigs and a great number of thrushes take shelter in the area rich in wild life.

You can accommodate by camping in whichever plateau you want.

Serik Plateaus

Beskonak - Altinkaya (Zerk - Selge) – Ballibucak Villages - Godre and Ikiz Plateaus

Village Altinkaya (Selge-Zerk Antique Town) is accessed by a 10-km stabilized road passing through Beskonak Koprulu Canyon National Park after getting to Subdistrict Beskonak by a 35-km asphalt road passing through citrus gardens, maquis and pine trees from town Serik. Ikiz Plateau is reached by a 3-km pathway after turning to left at the 3rd km of Altinkaya-Ballibucak village road.

The plateaus located on the slopes of Mount Kuyucak on the northern-northeastern of Antalya are at a height of 1,600-1,900 meters. You can camp and witness the peace of plateau life, observe raptors and watch the beauties of nature in these plateaus integrated with maquis, pine, fir, juniper, deodar forests.

Serik - Ovacik Plateau

Ovacik Plateau is accessed by a 36-km road, 7 km of which is asphalt and the rest is stabilized from town Serik. It is also possible to get to the plateau by totally a 48-km road on Candir-Alacami-Etler villages after turning to right at the 8th km of Serik-Antalya highway.

The scenery of the plateau road passing through citrus gardens from town Serik and surrounded by maquis and pine trees is very impressive as the height above sea level increases. The unique picturesque beauties of Serik and the Mediterranean are exhibited in patches after the entry of Nanali Plateau.

Camping, trekking in the midst of nature, getting acquainted with the environment, touring the remnants of castles in the bowl-shaped Ovacik Plateau surrounded by steep-sloped hills and covered with forests are interesting activities at first thought.

Both Ovacik Plateau and Nanali Plateau lack residences. Places convenient for camping by the bank in Nanali. However necessary camping equipment should be brought.