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Uludag which is located in Yildirim, Osmangazi, Keles, Inegol, and Kestel towns of Bursa gained an important bird area status with Lammergeier (2 pairs) and Golden Eagle (2 pairs). The region is covered with forests and is a mountainous area.

Appropriate Criteria: B2

Ulubat Lake

This area is a freshwater lake and swamp area in Nilufer, Karacabey, and Mustafakemalpasa towns of Bursa. This region is an important breeding area for Pygmy Cormorant, Squacco Heron and Spoonbill. In winter, Pygmy Cormorant, Dalmatian Pelican, Pochard, Tufted Duck and Coot are seen in this region. There is an important amount of water fowls in the region.

Appropriate criteria: A1, A4i, A4iii, B1i, B2

Manyas Bird Paradise

This region is the fresh water lake and forested area in Gonen, Manyas, and Badirma towns of Balikesir. Pygmy Cormorant, Dalmatian Pelican, Night Heron, Squacco Heron, and Spoonbill breed in this region. All through the year many Cormorant are seen, and in addition to this, White-headed Duck and Dalmatian Pelican are regularly seen in winter.

Appropriate criteria: A1, A4i, B1i, B2

Kocacay Delta

This delta is a fresh water lake and alluvial forest in Karacabey town of Bursa. The region gained an important bird area statue with Black Stork, Ferruginous Duck, Collered Pratincole and Kentish Plover. During migration a significant amount of Pygmy Cormorant, and White Pelican; in winter, Coot is seen in the region.

Appropriate criteria: A1, A4i, A4iii, B1i, B2