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Turkey locates on an important migration route for the birds and hosts more than 450 different bird species. Turkey is very rich in terms of flora, fauna and habitat. It is especially important destination for the bird species under risk of extinction.

Irrigable areas, national parks, forests, steps, mountains provide feasible environment and surrounding throughout the year for the birds and observers. The inland waters especially on migration routes are very important for the birds. Bird observing in Turkey has become very popular recently and there are numerous activities for preserving inland water areas. OKA is a project initiated by International Council for Protection of Birds in various countries of the world. Association of Protecting Natural Life has already started its activities for Turkish leg of the project.

Bald Ibis, a specie which is under risk of extinction, lives only in Birecik in Turkey and moves to Ethiopia and Madagascar in winter times and returns to Birecik in February. After they build their nets in rocky areas and lay their eggs, they leave the country in middle July. The studies have been maintained on this specie. In addition, many other different bird species which are under risk of extinction may be observed in Anatolia.