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[Botany] [Important plant groups in Turkey]


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Alpine zone plant communities are grown in an average height of between 2000-3500 meters. Turkey is a hilly and mountainous country and it has more than 129 summits at a height of over three thousand meters. The tablelands are situated within this plant zone.

Alpine zone plant community does not include any trees, it has grass-like plants that live only for a few years but which can endure harsh environmental conditions. In high areas, you can come across the lichens, which are groups of colorful weed and fungus on the rocks only. In quiet and secluded places formed by the cracks in the rocks, one can come across flowers such as forget me notes, violas, star flowers, snow flowers, snowdrops, wedding flowers, roof grapes, stonebreakers, lilies and weeping bride flowers. The forest rose, with flowers of yellow and white on the tablelands of the Black Sea Region and the big gong flowers, the fall crocuses are the members of this plant community.