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The diagnosis and medical treatment methods of oral and dental diseases have been developed highly in Turkey. Besides, these medical treatment methods are much more economical compared to the European Countries.

Medical treatment methods of oral and dental diseases such as Preventive Dentistry (Children’s dental treatment, oral and dental aesthetics), Aesthetical Dentistry (Tooth Whitening, oral and dental aesthetics), Prosthetic Dental Treatment, Orthodontia (The treatment of dental and jaw irregularities, correction of deformed tooth), Periodontology (The gingival diseases and treatments), Implantology (Implanting of screwed tooth to the jawbone), Conservative and Endodontic Treatment (The treatment of tooth decays, aesthetic tooth fillings, canal treatments), Maxillofacial Surgery (Impacted teeth, oral-jaw cysts and tumors, jawbone fractures, jaw arthritis diseases) are successfully operated and the world’s latest technologies relating oral and dental methods are being applied.