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Old age, hormonal changes and many factors such as hereditary predisposition of baldness and alopecia can cause hair loss. The earlier the hair loss begins the worse the baldness gets progressively. In case that the patient and his doctor have decided that the most appropriate alternative is hair transition Turkey where this operation is successfully applied by the plastic surgeons for more than 20 years will be the best choice.

The candidates of hair transplant are needed to have healthy hair on the back and the side of their head in order to be used as the donor area. The other factors such as the color of the hair, the degree of hardness, the type of the hair like wavy or curly affects the outcome of the operation. Certain techniques are applied in hair transition. Sometimes two or more techniques being combined together may be applied. The transplanting techniques such as punch graft, mini graft, micro graft, slit graft and strip graft are generally used for the patients who necessitate simpler operations. The techniques such as flaps, tissue expansion and making the hair skin smaller are applied to the patients who require bigger changes.

Fairly successful results are obtained by the fact that the flap surgery is combined with the techniques such as tissue expansion or making the hair skin smaller. Consequently, both more hairy skins are obtained and more natural hair line is formed.

Today’s technical developments and increasing medical experimentations have appeared in hair transplant field. Better results have been reached by the means of micro materials and micro graft technique used in hair transplants.

Besides, microinjection method is also used. It may be possible to prevent the alopecia with the medicine mixture injected to the hairy skin at first hand. The second step is to stimulate the root cells of hair that are still alive in order to allow the new hair come out. Starting the treatment which can be applied to both men and women, as early as possible increases the chance of the success.

The hair transplant and all its sub-procedures can be carried out successfully and under more economical conditions in Turkey. The works on this field which is done in the other countries are being religiously followed and new technologies are being transferred rapidly.