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Test-tube baby centers offer new hopes for the couples who desire to have baby for a long time. Many techniques such as microinjection, obtaining sperm through testicular biopsy, deep freezing of embryos, genetic diagnosis of embryos, diagnosis of single gene diseases at embryo stage, HLA tissue typing, IVM and endometrial co-culture are being applied successfully, and thousands of babies come to the world by this method in Turkey.

Last techniques related with the infertility treatment are being applied, and obstetrics and gynecology specialists, urologist-andrologists, genetic specialists, embryologists, biologists and psychologists interested in these subjects work together in a sort of team spirit.

Beside the treatments of the couples, some researches and developmental studies are carried out; the sharing of researches, knowledge, experience and new techniques are provided following the researches and developments on tube-baby done all over the world closely.