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The action is taken for reviving the Silk Road both as a trade route or a historical and cultural value, and for conserving and perpetuating the architectural Works, which were built through the route and have never been used anymore, by bringing new functions to them.

In Anatolia, the cradle of many civilizations, the most interesting architectural Works are undoubtedly inns and caravanserais among several architectural works which have been able to exist since the periods of Seljuk’s and Ottomans .

In the first phase, the preliminary studies, regarding Inns and Caravanserais which are considered to be used on the Silk Road which intersects with the main tour route, were conducted in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and The General Directorate of Foundations and 11 caravanserais has been determined so far.These are;

1- Sultan Inn (Aksaray -13th century)
2- Sarukhan (Nevsehir / Urgup -13th century)
3- Sarapsa Inn (Alanya -13th century)
4- Akhan (White Inn ) (Denizli / Merkez -13th century)
5- Agzıkara Inn (Aksaray -13th century)
6- Alara Inn (Antalya / Alanya -13th century)
7- Cardak Inn (Denizli / Cardak -13th century)
8- Susuz Inn (Burdur / Bucak -13th century)
9- Incir Inn (Burdur / Bucak -13th century)
10- Alay Inn (Aksaray -13th century)
11- Silâhtar Mustafa Pasha Inn (Malatya / Battal Gazi -16th century)

The efforts for allocating these historical buildings to investors in the framework of “restore-operate-transfer” model are continuing.

After the restoration of Caravanserais has been completed, they will be introduced to tourism industry by rather giving a function of day use which allows to limited accommodation. It will be achieved that these works of art, which are unique and inclined to disappear as the time goes by, are to be both protected and used, and will contribute to national economy as did in the past centuries.