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Side, whose ancient settlement dates back to 1000 B.C., was a small fishing village until 1980s. Today, it is one of the most impressive holiday resorts on the southern coasts of Turkey. Side, which is a beautiful seaside town, is one of the most well known ancient regions of Turkey. Its fascinating antique theatre has no match in Turkey since this theatre is not built on a hill. The ancient city of Side also lies on a plain area. Most of the remnants that survived to our time are of Roman period. The Roman Bath is serving as an Archeological Museum.

Side offers a pleasant combination of working and holidaymaking thanks to its beaches with fine sands, its many modern accommodation facilities, its lively cafes, disco and restaurants and colorful souvenir shops. In the bazaar of Side extending along the narrow streets, you can find various interesting examples of the Turkish handicraft.

The ancient city of Seleukia faces the Plain of Manavgat. To the 30 km. north of Manavgat is the ancient city of Ettena.

Sorgun and Titreyengol, to the east of Side, are famous tourism centers with their beaches in the midst of pines. Kumkoy and Colakli, to the west of Side, are also important holiday resorts.

Side is also an ideal place for the congress tourism with its modern accommodation facilities, entertainment life and high quality places where you can eat and drink.


Road: There are coach services from big cities like Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir to Side.

Airline: The nearest airport is the Antalya Airport, which at a distance of 70 km. from Side.

Brief Historical Account

The city of Side, whose name meant pomegranate apple (symbol of fertility) in the local language used once upon a time in the region, was founded by the Cimmerians. The history of the city dates back to 7th century B.C. Side, which became the bishopric after 4th century B.C., began to reach prosperity.

The region came into the possession of Lydia in 6th century B.C., of Persians in 5th century, of Alexander in 4th century and later of Hellenistic civilizations. In 1st century B.C., connections with the Roman Empire were established. Hence, Side became one of the most important trade centers of the Mediterranean. In 3rd century A.D., Side became just like a small Christian city. The Turks, who emigrated from the Crete Island, realized the last dense settlement in Side in 1895.


The annual mean temperature is 20ºC. The typical Mediterranean Climate prevails in the region.

Places to Go and Visit

Side Theatre, Apollo Temple, Manavgat Waterfall.


Blue Voyage, Antalya – Kekova – Antalya tour.


Titreyen Lake-1, Titreyen Lake-2, Sorgun, Sorgun 2, Side Public Beach, Club Ali Bey, Sol Kamelya.

Sports Activities

Rafting, windsurfing, snuggling, jeep safari (Taurus Mountains). .




Carpet, silver, leather clothes and gold jewels, handmade figurines, ceramic goods.


Go to the Apollo Temple and the Theatre,
Join the jeep safari,
Go to the beaches with blue flags to swim,
Visit the Manavgat Waterfall.