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Marmaris, surrounded by the mountains covered with a green carpet of pine trees, is situated on a breathtakingly beautiful gulf. Marmaris, having the largest marina in the region, is at the southwestern point of the Aegean Region. Many people think that Marmaris is the ideal starting point for the famous “Blue Voyage”, made along the Gulfs of Gokova and Hisaronu.

The Castle in Marmaris was built under Kanuni Sultan Suleyman. Inside the Castle are archeological artifacts and the ethnographic hall where you can find the Turkish works of art. The Caravansary with vault, which dates back to 1544, is today a bazaar where there are shops selling tourist-oriented goods.

In the environs of Marmaris, which has a modern holiday facility providing a perfect harmony with nature, is the Mineral Springs, where the skirts of the mountains extend as far as the coast. By daily boat services, you can go to the Cennet Island (Nimara Peninsula), which is right opposite of Marmaris. Turunc, to the east of Bozburun Peninsula and at a distance of 21 km. from Marmaris, is magnificent with its blue waters and natural harbor. Kumlubuk, a turquoise paradise, lies to the southern part of the bay. In the northern part are the ruins of Amos, which was a colony of Rhodes. Loryma, which was a castle in the past, is at the peak of the Bozburun Peninsula; there you can see a harbor together with the ruins of the castle and it is only accessible via sea. In the ancient city of Kastabas, which is in Pazarlik, on the Eren Mountain, in between Hisaronu Village and the Gulf, are the remnants of the Hemithea Temple. In addition, on the highest point of the city of Bybassos, to the north of the Hemithea Temple, is a fortress built in the Middle Ages that has survived to our time. The other ancient sites of Marmaris that are worth visiting are Syma (Bayir Village), Larymna (Bozburun), Thyssanos (Sogut), Phoinix (Taslıca), Loryma (Bozukkale), Kasara (Serce Harbor), Euthena and Amnistos (Karacasogut). In these cities that were all once Carian settlements, you can only find the remnants of fortresses and ramparts.

The Bay of Bordubet, one of the bays to the south of the Gulf of Gokova, is perfectly natural, intact and clean. The ones fond of swimming should definitely go to the beach in the Ataturk Park, to the east of Marmaris. Marmaris is quite lively in terms of entertainment. You can finish the day having fun in a bar or disco.

Marmaris, which is a peaceful place, is also quite suitable for water sports and sailing. The city offers a lovely atmosphere with its various bars, restaurants and shops especially in summer. Marmaris has also wonderful facilities for congress tourism with its different accommodation facilities and its marvelous tourism infrastructure.


Road: Direct bus services to Marmaris from big cities are available. The distance between Marmaris and Istanbul is 758 km, between Marmaris and Ankara is 843km, between Marmaris and Izmir is 290 km.

Airline: Marmaris is at a distance of 85 km from the Dalaman International Airport.

Maritime line: There are ferryboats to Marmaris from the Greek island of Rhodes. Besides, there is a way port for the boats coming from every port of Europe.

Brief Historical Account

In the past, Marmaris was an important trade center on the Anatolia-Rhodes and Egypt trade route. The ramparts of the city, thought to have been built around 3,000 B.C., indicate the importance it bore throughout history. The mystic atmosphere caused by the united effect of the historical riches and natural and cultural beauties of Marmaris, create unforgettable impressions on the tourists who come to visit the region.


The mean temperature in July and August approaches 33°C while the seawater temperature approaches 24ºC. The mean temperature in winter is 21/22°C whereas the seawater temperature is about 14/15ºC.

Places to Go and Visit

The Castle, Kaunos, Datca, Knidos, Priene, Miletus, Didyma, Aphrodisias.


Blue voyage, Marmaris - Fethiye – Marmaris tour, Datca and Knidos tours.


The Mineral Springs, Turunc, Pamucak

Important Activities

May: Yay Agencies Week and Harbor Festival
June: Marmaris Festival
November: International Yacht Cup Regatta

Sports Activities

Rafting (Dalaman River), yachting, safari, trekking.


In Marmaris, where there are a great many of restaurants, everybody can find food appealing to their tastes. You should try the ethnic (Mediterranean Cuisine, Chinese, Italian) food, as well as the classical Turkish Cuisine.


You can browse around the shops selling leather articles, silver articles and jewels within the small bazaars of Marmaris covered with canopies. The Turkish carpets, textile and handmade products sold in these shops are worth seeing.


Do not miss the Blue Tours organized to visit the Mineral Springs, Kadirga and Fosforlu, which has a see cavern.
Enjoy your time with your beloveds in the midst of the matchless beauty of nature within the Forests of Marmaris, where there are natural picnic places, as well.
Do not miss the International Yacht Cup Regatta organized in Marmaris in November.
Go and visit Datca.