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“There, God and human being, art and nature all together have created such a perfect place that it is well worth seeing.” says Lamartine to describe the city of Istanbul, which embraces two continents stretching one arm out to Asia and the other out to Europe. Istanbul, one of the biggest metropolises of the world, is the the world's only city on two continents.

Istanbul, which has been the capital of three great empires (Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman), is a captivating mixture of the past and present, old and new, tradition and modernism. With all its museums, churches, palaces, mosques, shopping centers and natural beauties, the city seems to be inexhaustible.

The diversity in Istanbul amazes its visitors.You can enjoy the rhythm of this lively city with its museums, churches, palaces, mosques, market places and natural beauties. Watching a sundown at the shore of the Bosphorus or making a night tour through Bosphorus by boat is enough to quickly fall in love with this city.

In the historical peninsula are the most beautiful monuments of the city. On a hill overlooking the Sea of Marmara and the Bosphorus stands the Topkapi Palace, which served as the residence of the Ottoman sultans and as the political center for 400 years. In Topkapi Place, you can see the collection of china porcelains, thrones embroidered in gold and embellished with precious stones, costumes of the sultans, jewels resembling the ones in the tales, the unique manuscripts and the harem rooms which have been a focus of curiosity for centuries.

The silhouette of the mosques over 500 towering on the hills of the city is eye catching. Sultanahmet Camii, known also as “the Blue Mosque”, Haghia Sophia Museum, located opposite of the Sultanahmet Camii and built as a church under the emperor Justinian’s reign, Suleymaniye Camii, Topkapi Palace, hippodrome and the Obelisk (Dikilitas), Yerebatan Cistern/Cistern Basilica (Yerebatan Sarnici), Kariye Museum, the Grand Bazaar (Kapali Carsi) and the Egyptian Spice Bazaar (Misir Carsisi) should all be visited. A ferry tour along Bosphorus invites you to spend a few hours beautiful beyond description. You should walk around the mysterious streets of Istanbul to discover the beauties of this city which can not be duly described within the limited space of this text. Due to its modern hotels, exceptional restaurants, nightclubs, cabarets, festivals, historical bazaars and shops as well as its unique historical and cultural background and its numerous attractions, Istanbul is an ideal place to hold conferences and conventions.

A ferry excursion along the Bosphorus deserves to hold a place among your unforgetable memories. The tranquil and matchless waterside mansions arrayed in a row along the shores of the Bosphorus from each of which a different love story is reflected on the waters, the luxurious villas built in the 20th century, Dolmabahce, Goksu and Beylerbeyi Palaces, Rumeli and Anatolian Fortresses, remnants of the old fisherman's villages, restaurants, cafes (named as “tea garden” in Turkey), parks and nightclubs will enchant you. On the same day, you can swim at the wild shores of the Black Sea and then sipping your cup of coffee at a cafe nearby the tranquil shores of the Marmara, you may.write down your memories that will possibly go down in history.

In addition to its unique historical and cultural background, Istanbul is today a congreess city which has an adequate infrastructure to host 25,000 participants at the same time.The numerous modern hotels, various restaurants, nightclubs, cabarets, modern shopping centers, markets and bazaars, easement of access, well-equipped hospitals, technical facilities of the highest level, security, high quality, reasonable costs make Istanbul an ideal city for all kinds of meetings, congresses and conferences. With each passing day, Istanbul is rapidly becoming more of a popular destination in terms of international congresses, exhibitions and fairs.


Airline: Ataturk Airport is at a distance of 20 minutes drive from the city center.
Road: Direct bus services from all around Turkey are available.
Railroad: There are rail connections to the European capitals,to Ankara, Izmir and East Anatolian cities.
Maritime line: There are maritime connections to the European and Mediterranean ports.

Brief Historical Account

The findings from the excavations done in the Golden Horn region and on the Asian side of Istanbul indicate that the early settlement in the region dates back to 3000 BC. The city which was named Byzantion at those times and continued to exist as a maritime and commercial city during the Roman period was conquered by the Roman Empire following a siege starting in 191 AD which lasted for more than 2 years.

The territory of the Roman Empire had expanded a lot by 4th century AD. Istanbul, as a result of its strategic position, was declared to be the new capital of the Roman Empire instead of Rome by Emperor Constantine the Great. The city which was referred to as “the second Rome” or “the new Rome” at the beginning of the modern times was later called “Byzantion” and also Constantinopolis in the late periods.

Following the collapse of the Western Roman Empire in the 5th century, Istanbul served as the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantium) for many years.The city came into the possession of the Turks in 1453 and the capital of the Ottoman Empire was moved to this city. Redevelopment and construction works were started to rebuild this empty and ruined city, which was later to become one of the most important centers of the East and the West. The fact that the capital was moved to Ankara after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire and the foundation of the Turkish Republic did not decrease the importance of Istanbul. This unique city with its captivating view continues to exist as the greatest city of Turkey.

Places to Go and Visit

First and foremost the Suleymaniye, Sultanahmet, Fatih, Beyazit Mosques and the New Mosque (Yeni Cami), etc., the historical mosques of Istanbul together with the historical ramparts, the Grand Bazaar, the Spice Bazaar, the Topkapi Palace, Dolmabahce Palace, Ciragan Palace, Beylerbeyi Palace, Yildiz Palace, Maiden Tower, Galata Tower, Beyazit Fire Tower (Beyazit Kulesi), Seven Towers Dungeons (Yedi Kule Zindanları), Anatolian Fortress, Rumeli Fortress, Ihlamur Kasri, Maslak Kasri, Theodosius Obelisk, Gots Column(Gotlar Sutunu), Yerebatan Cistern/Cistern Basilica, Cemberlitas (Constantine) Obelisk Yilanli Obelisk (Burmalı Obelisk), Beyazit Square, Sultanahmet Fountain (III. Ahmet Fountain), Pantocrator Monastery Church, Vefa Church (Hagios Theoderos), Myrelaion Monastery Church, Haghia Thekla Monastery, Eski Imaret Mosque (Pantepoptes Monastery Church), Kalenderhane Mosque (Akataleotos Monastery), Princess Islands, Ortakoy, Beyoglu, the Bosphorus and the Camlica Hill are the names of the “must-see” places that come to one’s mind first .


Archaeological Museum, the Ataturk Museum, St. Irini Museum, St. Sophia Museum, Grand Palace Mosaics Museum, Naval Museum, Divan Literature Museum (Galata Lodge of Dervishes), Istanbul Fethiye Museum (Pammakaristos), Fine Arts Museum, Rumelian Hisar Museum – Anatolian Hisar Museum – Yedikule Hisar Museum, Rahmi M. Koc Museum, Topkapi Palace Museum, Turkish Islamic Arts Museum, Yildiz Palace Museum, Yerebatan Cistern Museum, the Bosphorus, Camlica Hill.


Imperial Treasury in the Topkapi Palace and the Grand Bazaar tour (half day), Two continents Tour (half/full day), the most favourite places in Istanbul (half/full day), Istanbul Night Tour.


Buyukada, Beykoz, Poyrazkoy, Kilyos, Sile and Sariyer.

Important Activities

April: International Film Festival
May: International Theater Festival
June – July: International Art and Culture Festival
June: International Offshore Races
July: International Jazz Festival of Istanbul
August: F1 Races
September-October: International Biennial of the Visual Arts

Sports Activities

Yachting, sailing, camp-caravan, hunting, golf, trekking and all kinds of sports activities are available.


Istanbul cuisine is one of the leading cuisines of the world. Thanks to the ingredients, skillful cooks, cooking styles and flavors coming to the capital of the Empire from all around the country, the Ottoman-Turkish cuisine came into being. The Istanbul cuisine, which is a continuation of the imperial cuisine and which is open to new tastes, is getting richer and richer day by day.

In Istanbul, there are some restaurants offering the cuisines of various nations, as well. There are also a lot of places where you can eat fast-food. However, the delicious local dishes should be tried in the typical ordinary restaurants. Raki and ayran are the most famous national drinks of Turkey. Both are milky white. The alcoholic one named raki is a strong drink flavored with anise, its colour turns into white when added water. The other one named ayran is a refreshing drink made of diluted yoghurt. Raki can be drunk as an aperitif with nuts, melon and soft white cheese and with different kinds of snacks during the meal.It is not drunk with other drinks at the same time. The motherland of wine and beer is also Anatolia.

The famous Turkish coffee is offered to the guests on all occasions in small cups. It may be fairly bitter with no sugar or sweet with sugar. The proverb “A cup of coffee drunken may not be forgotten for forty years” have existed since the 16th century when the coffee began to be drunk by the Turks with its today-known consistency.


One can even go to Istanbul just for the sake of shopping. The most ideal place to start shopping is the Grand Bazaar, located in the Old City. There are more than 400 shops within the labyrinth-like streets and alleys of the Grand Bazaar. Names like Jewellers’ Street, Carpet Sellers’ Street, Cap Makers’ Street remind one of the days when each trade had its own separate quarter under the roof of the Bazaar. Various examples of the Turkish handicraft, the world famous Turkish carpets and rugs, hand-painted ceramics with bright colours, copper or brass mirrors and the meerschaum pipes can all be bought as souvenirs and gifts. The gold jewellery displayed in the well-illuminated shop windows dazzle the passerbys. Prices of the leather and suede goods of the highest quality are quiet reasonable. In the heart of the Bazaar, the Old Bedesten (covered bazaar) offers rare antique pieces.

The Egyptian Bazaar or the Spice Bazaar right next to the New Mosque (Yeni Cami) in Emınonu takes one to the dreamland of the mystic East. The enticing aromas cinnamon, cumin, saffron, mint, thyme and every other conceivable herb and spice fill the air. Sultanahmet, located in the Old City, has become another shopping mecca.

The atmosphere of the select shops in Taksim – Nisantasi – Sisli districts contrasts with the chaos in the bazaars. One can gladly and comfortably browse around the shops selling elegant high quality textile products of Turkey on the Istiklal, Cumhuriyet and Rumeli Avenues. One cannot help but look at the exquisite jewellery as well as the finely designed bags and shoes. The modern and large shopping centers like the Atakoy Galleria Mall in Atakoy and the Akmerkez Mall in Etiler house the branches of the most elegant shops in Istanbul. Bahariye Avenue, Bagdat Avenue and the Capitol Mall on the Asian side offer similar goods, as well.
In addition, one can find astonishing goods, both old and new, in the flea markets of Istanbul.


Visit the religious and architectural masterpieces of Istanbul such as Suleymaniye Mosque and

Sultanahmet Mosque.

Visit the St. Sophia Museum and Kariye Museum.
Visit Topkapi Palace, Dolmabahce Palace and the Rumeli Fortress.
Take a ferry tour through the Bosphorus and around the Islands of Istanbul.
Watch the magnificent view of Istanbul from the Maiden Tower, Camlica Hill, Galata Tower and Pierre Loti.

Watch the art and cultural activities.

Get closely engaged with the recreational life.
Pay a visit to Ortakoy Bazaar.
Take a phaeton tour in Buyukada (Grand Island).
Taste fish at the Bosphorus, in Kumkapi and Cicek Arcade, yoghurt in Kanlica and profiterole in Beyoglu.
Buy carpet, jewelry and leather clothes from the Grand Bazaar and Turkish delight, baklava (a dessert made of thin pastry, nuts, and honey), pastrami and sweetmeats from Egyptian Spice Bazaar.
Go shopping in Beyoglu and in the other mega shopping centers.


Lutfi Kirdar International Convention & Exhibition Centre (IICC) is the biggest convention and exhibition center of Turkey at the present. It has triplicated its initial congress capacity. Lutfi Kirdar International Convention & Exhibition Centre is located in Harbiye, which is the heart of the city’s business, cultural and commercial life. Within its surroundings are the hotels belonging to the most famous hotel chains of the world.

Contact Information

Telephone : +90 212 296 30 55
Fax : +90 212 224 08 78
Address : Harbiye/İSTANBUL
Web Site :



Istanbul Lutfi Kirdar Convention and Exhibition Centre, which is the newest jewel of the legendary city of Istanbul, is located in the heart of the city's business, cultural and commercial intersection point only at a walking distance to 16 hotels and 3,400 accomodations. Lutfi Kirdar Convention & Exhibition Centre has all the equipment, professional management understanding and highly trained staff, which are necessary to organize successful conventions and meetings.h

In Lutfi Kirdar Convention & Exhibition Centre are 26 meeting rooms including a 2,000 armchair auditorium, simultaneous interpreting facilities in 12 languages and an electronic voting system, all equipped with the latest technology to meet all your requirements.

There is also a 3000 square-meter foyer where products and services that will complement your meetings and conventions are exhibited.

Lower Floor

Sizes and Capacities of the Rooms
Rooms Stage Classroom Cocktail Dining Hall Height Area (m2)
Halic 650 350 700 600 3.10 600
Halic Foyer 500 400 2.10 415
Topkapi 450 240 500 450 3.40 410
Topkapi Foyer 250 2.30 240
Topkapi A 250 150 300 200 3.40 230
Topkapi B 200 120 250 160 3.40 170

Ground Floor

Sizes and Capacities of the Rooms
Rooms Stage Classroom Cocktail Dining Hall Height Ares (m2)
Anadolu Auditorium 2000 2.482
Foyer 2000 1.500 2.980

First Floor

Sizes and Capacities of the Rooms
Rooms Stage Classroom Cocktail Dining Hall Height Area (m2)
Dolmabahce 350 175 500 450 2,50 440
Dolmabahce A 160 100 160 160 2,50 152
Dolmabahce B 130 80 140 140 2,50 132
Dolmabahce C 150 90 150 150 2,50 142

Second Floor

Sizes and Capacities of the Rooms
Rooms Stage Classroom Cocktail Dining Hall Height Area (m2)
Marmara 500 300 500 420 4.00 385
Sultan 1 50 35 40 40 4.00 50
Sultan 2 15 10 15 15 4.00 27
Sultan 3 15 10 15 15 4.00 27
Sultan 4 50 35 40 40 4.00 58
Levent 1 25 20 25 15 3.00 17
Levent 2 25 20 25 15 3.00 17
Levent 3 25 20 25 15 3.00 17
Levent 4 25 20 25 15 3.00 17
Levent 5 25 20 25 15 3.00 17
Barbaros 1 25 20 25 15 3.00 17
Barbaros 2 25 20 25 15 3.00 17
Barbaros 3 25 20 25 15 3.00 17
Barbaros 4 25 20 25 15 3.00 17
Barbaros 5 25 20 25 15 3.00 17

Rumeli Fair & Exhibition Hall

Rumeli Fair & Exhibition Hall, located within the Lutfi Kirdar Convention & Exhibition Centre, enjoys all the advantages of being situated in the heart of the city.

Rumeli Fair & Exhibition Hall consists of ground and lower floors. The architecture of the hall is extremely modern. It can host both international conventions and trade fairs at the same time. The hall is connected to the main building and its main entrance is opposite of the Cemil Topuzlu Open Air Theatre.

Rumeli Fair & Exhibition Hall is an ideal place to organize activities like trade fairs, seminars, wedding ceremonies and movie premieres.

Lower Floor

Sizes and Capacities of the Rooms
Rooms Stage Classroom Cocktail Dining Hall Height Area (m2)
Lower Floor 2500 1750 4 3000

Ground Floor
Sizes and Capacities of the Rooms
Rooms Stage Classroom Cocktail Dining Hall Height Area (m2)
Rumeli Fair & Exhibition Hall 6000 4750 7-4 7000
Ballroom & Foyer 3000 1750 3500 3000 7 4000
Rumeli A 1250 750 1750 1000 7 1050
Rumeli B 1250 750 1750 1000 7 1050


Being one of the largest fair centers in Eurasia, CNR EXPO has fairgrounds which meet the international standards.

Contact Information

Telephone : +90 0212 465 74 74
Fax : +90 0212 465 74 76
Address : Opposite of the Ataturk International Airport Istanbul World Trade Center Yesilkoy/Istanbul
Web Site :


Hosting many sectors directing economy, hundreds of foreign and native participants and visitors every year, CNR EXPO, with its150.000 sqm covered area, 120.000 sqm open area and eight exhibition halls, furnishes services that meet international standards. EVTEKS, TATEF ve ITS, all of which are still among the first three fairs in their categories and AUTOSHOW, which is visited by 500,000 people each year continue to be organized in CNR EXPO increasing the number of their participants and visitors.


20 years of experience full of success
Successful organizations over 600
More than 100,000 participants
More than 3,000,000 visitors
Expert team of 400 people
150.000 sqm indoor exhibition area
Hosting 65 fairs annually
An electronic parking lot/system with a capacity of 7,500 vehicles
(3 huge parking lots, 1 covered, 2 open)
Special CCTV-controlled security


Number of the assembly halls: 6
Grand Conference Hall: 782 pax
Small Conference Hall: 500 pax
The area of the smallest hall: 150 sqm
The capacity of the smallest hall: 100 persons


The largest indoor fairground: 13651 m2
The smallest indoor fairground: 5202 m2
Outdoor fairground: 1200000 m2


Visual communication/equipment
Internet access
Air conditioning
Food & Drink service
A parking lot
Car rental service
Accomodation facilities
Feature of the accomodation facilities: 5-star
A parking lot with a capacity of 7,500 vehicles


It is one of the largest fair and convention centers of Turkey.

Contact Information

Telephone : +90 212 886 68 43
Address : E-5 Karayolu Gurpinar Kavsagi Buyukcekmece/Istanbul
Web Site :

Total Area

An outdoor fairground space of 60,000 m2 within an area of 120,000 m2


The two largest meeting and concert halls in Turkey with a capacity of 10,000 persons each
An indoor concert area with a capacity of 15,000 persons
The largest restaurant of Turkey that offers service to 10,000 persons


7 fair halls of a total maximum area of 28,000 m2, an area of 8,000 m2 allocated to convention and services, a service bulding of 8,000 m2 in a covered area of 60,000 m2
An open parking lot with a capacity of 3,500 vehicles
A parking lot with a capacity of 300 vehicles for the use of the participants
A parking lot with a capacity of 25 juggernaut lorries
15 different multipurpose assembly halls with capacities ranging from 100 persons to 10,000 persons

5 restaurants appealing to different tastes
Fully climatized ideal working environment
Press, VIP and management rooms
It has all sorts of technical infrastructure (pneumatic system, water and waste water system, an electricity power of 7,200 kw/h
Worldwide telephone, fax and internet communication
Regular coach services from different places to the fairground
Special security and control system
Secretarial services in English, Turkish and German
Stewardess services
First aid services
Helicopter pad
TOTAL Gas Station
McDonalds’s drive-in
Tourism Information and Travel Agency
Taxi stand
Courier service
Photo and video service (Necessary materials for this are also sold)


Contact Information

Telephone : +90 212 501 73 26
Fax : +90 212 501 73 28
Address : BELTUR A.S. Eski Feshane Cad. Defterdar Duragi No:40 Eyup/Istanbul


Feshane, located at the shore of the Golden Horn within the Eyup Municipality, is a place which can host all sorts of international fairs, organizations, meetings, seminars, concerts, premiers, parties, exhibitions and cultural activities. The Feshane, with its historical architecture surrounded by the greenery, gives a novel touch to the Golden Horn. I also has its own wharf leading to the waters of the Golden Horn. One can go to Feshane from important centers like Taksim, Levent, Mecidiyekoy, Eminonu and Ataturk Airport in 15 minutes via the ring road.


Number of the assembly halls : 3
The area of the largest hall : 3,700 m2
The area of the smallest hal l: 200 m2


The largest indoor fairground : 3,700 m2
The smallest indoor fairground : 200 m2
Outdoor fairground : 10,000 m2


Internet access
Air conditioning
Food & Drink service
A parking lot