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Icel is an important harbor city situated at the East Mediterranean coast. The length of beaches in Icel is around 108 kilometers. With its avenues with palm trees, city park, modern hotels and historical places Icel is one of the modern cities of Turkey.

Icel was a settlement center of the ancient times. Settlement ruins belonging to the Neolithic age were discovered during excavations at the Yumuktepe Tumulus situated at a distance of 3 km to the west of the city.

Icel offers better hosting facilities to national and international meetings with its modern hotels and environment. Icel is situated at a place very close to cities such as Adana and Tarsus that are important in terms of trade. Trips to the Taurus Mountains, East Mediterranean coasts and Antakya (the ancient city of Antioch) can be organized. It is a perfect place for congresses and meetings at any time of year with its sunny climate and mild air.

Icel as an important harbor city at the East Mediterranean coast gives unforgettable memories to its visitors with its road under the shadows of palm trees, city park, modern hotels, historical ruins and numerous beaches. Furthermore, Icel is remembered in history as Marc Antonio’s wedding gift which are the lands from Alanya to Icel given to Cleopatra.


Highway: Inland inter-city road connections to all cities are available.
Railway: Icel has international connection by means of a railway line to the city.
Maritime line: Icel Harbor has a number of international marine connection to over 100 foreign harbors; it provides services with international standards and quality. Ferry services from Tasucu Harbor to the Northern Cyprus are also available.

Airline: Icel is at a distance of 69 km to Adana Sakirpasa Airport which is at a distance of 69 km to Tarsus. Regular domestic and foreign flights are available.

Brief Historical Account

The oldest written history of this region overlaps with the histories of Luvi, Kizzuwatna, Hittite, Assyrian and Babylon kingdoms. The following empires ruled the city: the Hittites, Urartus, Assyrians, Babylons, Lydian, Persians, Seleucusians and Romans.

This region form the 7th century to the conquest of the Ottomans was also ruled by the Arabs, Abbasids, Egyptian Tolunogullari, Seljuks, Mongols, Crusades, Memluks, Ramzanogullari and Karamanogullari Provincial Rulers and it was included in the Ottoman lands after the 16th century.


The typical Mediterranean climate which is hot and mild dominates Icel and its environments. Summers are hot and winters are warm and rainy.

Places to Go and Visit

St. Paul Church, St. Paul Well, Tower with Eye (Gozlu Kule), Mat Stone (Donuk Tas), Cave of the Seven Sleepers (Ashabi Kehf), Cleopatra Gate, Roman Road, Pompeipolis (Viransehir) ancient city, Kanlidivane Ruins (Erdemli), Yumuktepe Tumulus, Soli Ruins, Paradise Obruk Cave, Hell Obruk Cave, Narlikuyu Cave, Monumental Grave with 4 feet, Korykos ancient city, Kanytelis ancient city, Tarsus Museum, Adamkaya Embossing, Mut'ta Alahan Monastery, Zeus Temple and Church, Remaining of Anemurium Ancient city in Anamur, Anamur Castle, Uzuncaburc in Silifke, Zeus, Olbius, Tychaion temple ruins in Olba-Diocaesereia ancient city, Three Beauties Mosaics in Narlikuyu, Aphrodite Beach in Tasucu, mountain pasture are some places of Icel that must be visited.


Icel Museum, Silifke Ataturk House, Anamur Museum , Tarsus Museum , Icel Ataturk House Museum and Silifke Museum


Susanoglu Beach, Kizkalesi.

Important Activities

May: Kemer Rally Yacht Races Celebrations (Bozyazi)
July: Grape Festival (Tarsus)

Sports Activities

Skiing (Bolkar Mountains Skiing Center), mountain climbing, paragliding, rafting (Goksu), sailboat, surf, boat, water skiing, underwater diving and hunting.


Sea foods, meat dishes, tantuni, cezerye, humus, telatur, sirdan, bandirma, yuzuk soup.


Handicrafts, carpets, various kilims and colorful hand painted kerchiefs can be bought.


See Paradise and Hell Caves in Silifke.
Visit St. Paul Church and other historical places in Tarsus.
Visit Anamuryum Ruins in Anamur and Kanlıdivane Ruins in Erdemli.
Do raftin in Goksu, trekking and skiing at Bolkar Mountains and diving in bays.
Swim at Icel beaches.
Taste cezerye, Icel’s famous sweet and tantuni, a special kebab of Icel.