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Gaziantep which is one of the oldest cultural centers of the Southeast Anatolia Region, was first established in 4000s AD on the historical silk road between Mesopotamia where first civilizations appeared and Mediterranean. Gaziantep, with its mountain pastures, excursion spots, historical and natural places to be visited is an attractive and fascinating region of our country.

This city is also famous for its tastes from kebab to various types of spices.


Highway: Regular intercity coach services are available from all cities of Turkey.

Railroad: Toros Express from Gaziantap to Istanbul is available 3 times in a week. Furthermore, Halep Express which travels from Istanbul to Syria passes to the lands of Syria from the border gate at the town of Islahiye, Gaziantep.

Airline: The Gaziantep Airline is at a distance of 20 km from the city center. There are also regular flights to Ankara and Istanbul.

Brief Historical Account

A small town which was autonomous in its internal affairs and a city state of Mesopotamia was established on a road around Antep.

During the age of independent Hittite City States, Duluk which in the city of Antep was an administrative and religious capital city. Many rocky and underground graves were found at the excavation of Duluk Village and its forests. Karkamis, another town of Antep was also one of the significant state centers of the world.

Gaziantep is a rich city in terms of historical structures. It is estimated that though its exact date of construction was still unknown, Gaziantep Castle, which was constructed on a highest hill of the city, was surveillance tower built in the early Roman age. Duluk (of which ancient name is Antiochia at Tavrum) which is situated at a distance of 10 km to the north of the city, is also interesting place due to its rocky and underground graves found within and outside the town. This place was an important religious center during the ages of the Hittites, Greeks and Romans.

Due to the heroic actions of its people during the Independence War, the title of “Gazi (War Veteran)” was issued to the city by Turkish Grand National Assembly in 1921.


Mean annual temperature is 14.5 º C. The mean of the coldest month (January) is 2.3 ºC and the mean of the hottest month (July) is 27.1º C.

Places to Go and Visit

Zeugma (Belkiz), Karkamis Ruins, Gaziantep Castle, Rum Castle, Archeology Museum, Historical Gaziantep Houses, Sheikh Fethullah Mosque, Boyaci Mosque, Omeriye Mosque, Ahmet Celebi Mosque, Okkesiye Yusa Prophet and Hazrat Pirsefa Tombs, Duluk/Doliche Ancient City, Kendirli Church, Tuz Caravansary, Sire Caravansary, Tutun Caravansary, Hisva Caravansary, Yesemek Outdoor Museum are the places that must be visited and seen.


Archeology Museum, Ethnography Museum, Hasan Suzer Ethnography Museum, Zeugma ans Yesemek Outdoor Museums.

Important Activities

May: Aba Wrestling Golden Belt Tournament
September: Peanut Festival
October: Republic Cup Aba Wrestling Tournament

Sports Activities

Camping-Caravan, hunting, horse riding and trekking, trekking, fishery with fishing line.


Gaziantep pizza, Ali Nazik kebab, yuvarlama, içli köfte, çiğ köfte, eggplant kebap, cağırtlak (ciğer) kebabı, Gaziantep sweet and peanut paste.


Handicrafts are very much developed in Gaziantep. Copper embroidered products, products, handicrafts made of mother-of-pearl, golden and silver jewelries, kilims, Yemeni (shoe), handicraft embroidered products, Gaziantep sweet (baklava), sweet sausage, dried fruit pulp and spices.


Visit Archeology Museum and Hasan Suzer Ethnography Museum.
Visit Historical Houses of Gaziantep and Gaziantep Castle.
Go and visit Yesemek Outdoor Museum, Belkıi/Zeugma, Rumkale and Duluk/Doliche Ancient cities.
Taste Gaziantep pizza, Ali Nazik kebab, yuvarlama, içli köfte, keme kebabı, yenidünya kebabı (cooked during April and May), simit kebabı, eggplant kebap, liver kebab, world-wide famous Gaziantep baklava sweet and peanut paste.
Buy some traditional Gaziantep handicrafts such as handicraft made of mother-of-pearl, kutnu fabric, copper embroidered products, yemeni (shoe), Gaziantep baklava sweet, Antep peanut, sweet sausage and dried fruit pulp, red pepper and spices.


Contact Information

Telephone : +90 342 230 02 04
Fax : +90 342 230 33 78
Address : Gaziantep Havaalani Karsisi, Gaziantep Cevre Otobani,


It has a closed area of 12000 m2 with air conditioning, and open exhibition area of 50000 m2, halls with air conditions, a car park with a capacity of 1000 vehicles and a free transportation service from the city to the fair area.


Big Conference Hall : 300 pax
Small Conference Hall : 200 pax
Total area of the biggest hall : 300 m2
Total area of the smallest hall : 100 m2
Total capacity of the smallest hall : 60 pax

Fair Areas

Total area of the largest closed exhibition area : 6000 m2
Total area of the smallest closed exhibition area: 4000 m2
Outdoor fair area: 50000 m2

Business center


Visual communication/Equipment
Fax and telephone
Internet connection
Air Conditioning
Food-Drinking service
Car park
Car renting service
Outdoor swimming pool
Accommodation facility
Feature of the accommodation facility: 3-star hotel