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Erzurum is the biggest city of the East Anatolia Region. It is a connecting point for other cities with its airport. Erzurum which is a cradle of many civilizations and cultures is a world of folk songs and fairy tales. Erzurum Castle completes the awe-inspiring appearance of the city. Palandoken Winter Sports and Skiing Center has the longest ski track in the world. Tortum Lake and Tortum Waterfall challenge man’s imagination with a beautiful panorama. Erzurum is city which may arouse different excitements in different seasons. Erzurum has an important potential for congress tourism with its modern hotels, restaurants, cafes, accommodation and entertainment facilities.


Highway: Regular inter-city coach services to important centers of Turkey are available.

Railroad: Train station is situated in the city center.

Airline: The Erzurum Airport where domestic and foreign flights connected to Ankara are available is at distance of 10 km from the city.

Brief Historical Account

Erzurum which is the biggest city of the East Anatolia Region is estimated to be established in 4900 AD. The region which includes Erzurum was ruled by several tribes and nations within the course of history. The Ottomans that conquered the city and surroundings in 1514 ruled these lands until 1923 when the Republic of Turkey was established.

The foundations of national unity and independence during the commencement of the National War were established with the Erzurum Congress held on the date of 23 July 1919.


Continental climate with heavy snow fall in winter effect this city.

Places to Go and Visit

Erzurum Castle, Madrasa with Double Minarets, Erzurum Museum, Grand Mosque, Dome Shaped Three Tombs, Hatuniye Tomb, Yakutiye Madrasa, Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque, Rustempasha Caravansary, Bedesten, Tortum Waterfall and Stone Caravansary (Tashan) where souvenirs made of black Oltu stone of Erzurum are the place that must be visited and seen.


Erzurum Archeology Museum, Erzurum Ataturk House Museum, Erzurum - Turkish Islamic Arts and Ethnography Museum (Yakutiye Madrasah)

Sports Activities

Skiing (Palandoken), rafting (Coruh River), trekking, observation of birds (ornithology). .


Su boregi (water pastry), eksili dolma, kesme corbası, ayran ası (yayla corbası), ciris, salgam dolması, yumurta pilavı, kadayıf dolma, cag kebab.


Works of Oltu stone (rosary, cigarette holder, bracalet, necklace,, brooch, earring, hairgrip and etc.)


Go skiing in Palandoken.
Visit Madrasa with Double Minarets, Yakutiye Madrasa and museums.
Go rafting at İspir.
Go and see Tortum Waterfall and Lake.
Taste kebab, su boregi (water pastry), ayran corbasi, kadayif dolma.