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Diyarbakir is the second biggest city after Gaziantep in the Southeastern Anatolia Region. This beautiful city which offers perfect facilities to those who want to embrace culture and history is a world of legends and fairy tales. Diyarbakir is a city where its visitors can enjoy their time with its history, natural beauties and other feaures specific to the city. Diyarbakir, with its accommodation facilities, is also suitable place for congress tourism.


Highway: Regular inter-city coach services from Diyarbakir to almost every city of Turkey are available.

Airline: The airport is at a distance of 3 km from the city center. There are regular daily flights to Ankara and Istanbul.

Brief Historical Account

As a result of the researches on excavations at Cayonu area, it is found that the history of Diyarbakir goes back to the years 7500s AD. Diyarbakir and its surroundings were ruled by the Hurries, Mitannies, Hittites, Syrians, Meds, Persians, Alexander, the Great, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Seljuks and Ottomans.


The mean of the hottest month is 31° C and the mean of the coldest month is 1.8° C.

Places to Go and Visit

Diyarbakir old city walls, Diyarbakir Grand Mosque (Ulu Camii), Mesudiye Madrasa, Zinciriye Madrasa, Silvan Grand Mosque (Meyyafarkin), Fatih Pasha Mosque, Iskender Pasha Mosque, Behram Pasha Mosque, Melek Ahmet Pasha Mosque, Kale (Hazreti Suleyman/Nasiriyye) Mosque, Ayni Minare Mosque, Sheikh Matar Mosque, Nebi Mosque, Safa (Iparli) Mosque, Virgin Mary Syrian Kadim Church, Mart Thoma Church, Kirklar Church, Mart Pityon Church, Surp Gregos Church, Surp Sarkis (Celtik) Church, Saint George (Kara Papaz) Church, Malabadi Bridge, Old Diyarbakir houses, Deliller Caravansary, Hasan Pasha Caravansary, Ciftehan, Yeni Caravansary are some of the important places to be visited.


Diyarbakir Museum, Diyarbakir Hosues, Cahit Sitki Taranci Museum and Archeology Museum.

Important Activities

September: GAP Culture and Art Carnaval
September: Culture and Art Festival
March: Nevruz (Spring) Celebrations
May: Hidrellez (the Beginning of summer) Activities (Culture and Spring Festival)


Cartlak kebab, watermelons in great sizes, kaburga meal, twisted sweet (burma kadayif), dried layers of fruit pulp and sausage (pestil and sucuk), cheese with herbs, knitted cheese, sumac, liquorices.


Handicrafts, cane work bracelet, kinis necklace, bath clog and drawers with silver embroidered, hand woven carpet and kilims.


Go and visit the old city walls of Diyarbakir.
Go and see Malabadi Bridge.
Go and see old Diyarbakir Houses.
Taste kaburga (stuffed lamb) and drink liquorices.
Visit Cahit Sitki Taranci and Archeology Museums.
Buy Diyarbakir rush mat.


Contact Information

Telephone : +90 412 223 66 83
Fax : +90 412 224 67 43
Address : Uckuyu/ DIYARBAKIR - TURKEY


Total area of the fair center: 4000 m2
Total area of the largest closed exhibition area: 4000 m2
Outdoor fair area: 50000 m2
Business center


Visual communication/Equipment
Electricity power of 2000 KW,
Telephone Switchboard with a capacity of 100 lines,
Car par with a capacity of 500 vehicles for the participants and 500 vehicles for the visitors
Fax, telephone
Internet connection
Air condition
Food-Drinking service
Car renting service