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Cesme, situated in a peninsula surrounded by deep blue waters and at a distance of 80 km Izmir, is one of the most pleasant coasts of Turkey with its clear sea and cultivated lands. It is a favorite holiday resort with its thermal springs, qualified hotels, restaurants, marinas, coasts that can be considered extraordinary, shining sun and clear sea. Visitors can spend nice time in Cesme because of perfect holiday alternatives, unpolluted coasts and sports and entertainment opportunities. Restaurants, cafes, bars and discos lying all along the roads form a pleasant atmosphere. Cesme hosts a great number of national and international meetings and congresses throughout the year. The infrastructure of Cesme which is a tourism paradise is in a good condition in terms of congress tourism.

Cesme used to be called Small Port by sailors. The area has been called Cesme because of the abundance of water resources and fountains out of which frigid water flows.

The caravanserai constructed by the Ottoman sultan Suleyman the Magnificent in the 16th century and located nearby the castle is today changed into a hotel. Materials discovered by the excavations carried out in Cesme and its neighborhood is displayed in the museum inside the castle. Hagios Haralambos Church dating back to the 19th century is an art gallery today.

The coasts are ideal for windsurfing and sailing water sports. The thermal springs in Ilica and Sifne Bay are appreciated a lot. It is possible to see many wind mills at Alacati which is a typical Aegean bay on the south of Ilica. Alacati is an important tourism center with these wind mills which are run as restaurants. Erythrai which is situated on 15 km north of Cesme used to be one of the 12 Ion cities. Both highway and sea transportation to the bay Gerence on the northeast of Cesme peninsula are available. This surrounding is very peaceful and ideal for water sports. Dalyan, which is situated on a narrow bay on the north of Cesme, is a fishing village where there are the best fish restaurants of the area lined up nearby the small marina.


Highway: The transportation of Cesme connected to Izmir through a 77-km asphalt or 80-km motorway is generally realized via Izmir. Minibuses and city buses ply to the beaches.
Airline: Izmir International Adnan Menderes Airport is at a distance 90 km to Cesme.
Sea route: Ferryboat voyages are organized between Cesme and Sakiz Island. Moreover, there is sea transportation between Bari and Brindisi Ports and Cesme. Ferryboat plying between Izmir-Cesme-Kusadasi-Greece and Italy also come by the port.

Brief Historical Account

Cesme, which is on the western coast of Anatolia and known as Cyssus in the antiquity, was a wharf of Erythrai (Ildiri) which was one of the 12 Ion cities during probably 1000’s BC. Erythrai was a major and significant residence in the 6th century BC. Erythrai having a quite protective port has commercial relationships with Egypt, Cyprus and western states and has developed its trade.

Roman and Byzantine Empires dominated the area after Lydians and Persians. Cesme experienced the periods of Seljuk, Ottoman, Aydinogullari Civilization and again Ottoman Empire.


The Mediterranean climate dominates the area. Summers are hot and viable to winds blowing from the north.

Places To Go and Visit

Cesme Castle, Caravanserai, Old City and its Houses, Ilica, Boyalik Bay, Dalyan, Sifne, Pasha Port, Ciftlik Village, Pirlanta Beach, Altinkum Beach, Ildiri (Erythrai), Alacati, Cesme Thermal Springs, Sifne (Reisdere) Thermal Springs and Mud.


Cesme Museum


Ilica, Boyalik Bay, Dalyan and Sakizli Bay, Sifne Major Port, Pasha Port,
Ciftlik Village and Pirlanta Beach, Ildiri, Ovacik, Esek Island, Ayayorgi Bay.


Cesme Marina, Alacati Wharf, Cesme-Altinyunus Marina.
Important Activities:

July: International Cesme Festival
August – September: Cesme Agriculture and Gum Festival
September: Cakabey International Competitions.

Sports Activities

Camping-caravan, hunting, windsurfing.


Especially gilt head bream, sea bass, octopus and oysters are worth trying in Cesme where sea food predominant food on menus. “Seker isi” offered by fig jam which is peculiar to Cesme,
“kuru sikma” (a flat wrapped bread), gum jam and gum raki, goose drumsticks, almond milk and a grilled sandwich called “kumru” can be delicious for your taste. The delicious melons and artichokes of Cesme are exported throughout the world.


Taste wine made of olives and Cesme grapes.
Tour the Cesme Castle.
Benefit from Cesme Thermal Springs.