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Bolu is a city where green and blue sleep and wake up in each other’s arms, where wind is whispering legends at the mountains with smoky summits, and where many civilizations are rooted and grown with their unique fruits. Each season in Bolu has a different beauty. You will never want to leave Bolu which will attract you with its mountains, lakes, forests, hills, historical places and warm blood people. Bolu is situated at a suitable place which has an ease of transportation and is close to big cities. It is almost located at the center of the distance between Ankara and Istanbul; it is on the main route that connects these two centers. As the region is situated at a very active point in terms of tourism, it has an important potential for congress tourism with its hotels and infrastructure.


Bolu is situated at a distance of 190 km to Ankara and of 260 km to Istanbul.

Road: The international TEM highway and D-100 state road that connect Ankara to Istanbul passes nearby Bolu. Therefore, road transportation to any region of the country is easy from Bolu.

Airline: Airline transportation is facilitated by Ankara and Istanbul International Airports.

Brief Historical Account

According to written sources, archeological ruins and historical records, the history of Bolu begins with the Bithynians. The Romans, Byzantines, Seljuks and Ottomans ruled Bolu and its surroundings in different periods of the history.

The Ottoman raids to the region of Bolu were first commenced by Osman Ghazi and the city was included in the Ottoman lands during Orhan Ghazi period (1324 – 1326). After the National Independence under the leadership of Mustafa Kemal Pasa, Bolu became a provincial center on 10 October 1923.


Bolu is usually within the climate range of Black sea but Inland Anatolian climate can be seen in the southern parts of Bolu. The mean temperature of August is 20° C and of January is 0.3 C..

Places to Go and Visit

The following places must be seen in Bolu: Yedigoller National Park, Abant Lake Nature Park, Golcuk, Mudurnu houses, Goynuk houses, Bolu (Bithynium – Claudiopolis), Seben Rocky Houses, Gerede Asar Castle, alesi, Big (Buyuk) Mosque (Yildirim Bayezid Mosque), Kadi Mosque, Sarachane Mosque, caravansaries and baths, hot springs, mountain pastures and Esentepe and Kartalkaya Skiing Centers.


Bolu Museum

Cultural Activities

Mengen Cooks and Tourism Festival, Dortdivan Mountain Pastures Carnavals and Bolu Koroglu Culture and Art Tourism Festival

Sports Activities

Mountain climbing (Kartalkaya), Hunting and Fishery by fishing line, paragliding (Kartalkaya and Abant), camping (Yedigoller), trekking, rafting and off road.


Kabaklı gozleme (marrow pancake), pine honey, saray helvası (Palace halvah), nut candy, cream, butter, kopuk helvası (froth halvah), Bolu chocolate


Pine cologne, silk embroideries, wooden, leather and copper goods, hand weavings and kilims can be bought.


Go camping in Yedigoller and take pictures there in autumn.
Go trekking at Abant Lake and other lakes.
See Mudurnu and Goynuk houses.
Go and visit Bolu Mountain pastures.
Go skiing at Kartalkaya and paragliding at Abant.