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Ankara, capital city of the Republic of Turkey, is a city of a culture center. It takes attention due to its strong infrastructure based on centuries, wide-range of transportation facilities and sophisticated education level of people that live in Ankara. Being a quite central place due to its location, Ankara is now most frequently visited place with its universities, museums and concert halls. The capital city, which is the heart of the political life of the country, is also privileged city due to natural beauties around the neighbor districts and its modern atmosphere. Many accommodation facilities are available in Ankara for national and international levels of services. Besides these accommodation facilities, there are meeting and congress halls with full equipment and facilities within the structure of some universities and public institutions. Furthermore, Ankara is a city where you can enjoy and have good time with its green parks and recreation areas. The capital city of Turkey has also a very active and energetic life in terms of social activities. You may participate in several cultural activities such as entertainment, sports, theater, opera and ballet with having information of any activity in advance. Anatolian Civilizations Museum, Gordion (Yassihoyuk), Augustus Temple, Roman Baths and theatre, ancient castle district, architectural works of Seljuk and Ottoman architecture are some samples of historical qualities in the city. Ankara is an advantageous city due to transportation and infrastructure facilities and other supporting investments as well as its potential for cultural and natural assets.


Road: Regular coach services from every city of Turkey to the capital city of Turkey are available. The distance from Ankara to Istanbul is 453 km and from Ankara to Izmir is 580 km.

Railway: It is very easy to travel to Ankara by means of railway. Baskent, Fatih, Bogazici and Anadolu Express Train Services connect Istanbul to Ankara.

Airport: The Esenboga Airport, which is at a distance of 35 km from the city center, is one of the important airports of Turkey.

Brief Historical Account

Ankara, which was a garrison area of the Hittites, became a settlement center during those times. The city of Ankara which is considered to be first established by Midas, the Phrygian King, had been situated on important trade routes since the Antiquity. The city was respectively ruled by the Phrygians, Lydian, Persians and Alexander, the Great and later by the Galatians, a Celtic tribe. The Galatians were the first to declare Ankara as their capital city. The Romans took over the city in 189 BC and brought a new culture to the city. The city became a trade center during the Byzantines. The city which was open to Turkish settlement after 1073, maintained its importance during the Seljuk and the Ottoman periods.

Ankara which was known as the place where the TGNA (Turkish Grand National Assembly) was established during the Independence War has become a very important center for politics. On the date of 13 October 1923 Ankara became the capital city of the Newly Established Turkish State.


Ankara is under the effect of a terrestrial climate. Winters are snowy. Temperature in summers is high.

Places to Go and Visit

Ataturk’s mausoleum (Anitkabir), Gordion City, Ahlatlibel, Augustus Temple, Julianus Pillar, Roman Bath, Ankara Roman Theater, Ankara Castle, Haci Bayram Mosque, St. Paul Church, St. Theres Church, the Virgin Mary (Meryem Ana) Church, St. Nicolas Church, baths, Atakule, Ataturk Forest Farm, Golbasi.


Anatolian Civilizations Museum, Ethnography Museum, Ataturk House, Gordion Museum, MTA Museum of the History of Nature, Archeology Museum, Museum of the Independence War and the Republic

Important Activities

April: International Child Festival of 23 April
April- May: International Ankara Film Festival
April- May: International Ankara Music Festival
May: International Ankara Caricature Festival
June: Bilkent International Theater Meeting

Sports Activities

Winter sports, golf, trekking, air sports, hunting, fishing line fishing, youth camps.


Ankara fried food, kapama, dutmac, keskek, miyane, sutlu, tarhana ve toyga corbalari, coban kavumasi, iliskikorman kebabi, patlicanli et, sizgic, siyel, siper, bulgur pilavi, ogmac asi, pit pit pilavi, efelek dolmasi, manti, sirden dolmasi (humbar), yalanci ay boregi, bohca, entekke boregi, hamman, kaha, kol boregi, papac, pazar boregi, tandir boregi and yalki.


Traditional handcrafts such as weaving, copper works, earthenware pot, rush mat and leather works can be bought at and the regions of Ulus Castle environs, Samanpazari and Cikrikcilar Hill and there are many shopping centers where various jewelries, decorations, souvenirs and antiques are sold.

Many antique furniture and new ones, copper works and jewelry as well as clothes, antiques and decoration goods can be found at Bakircilar Bazaar. At the end of a walking to the gate of the Castle are counters where spices, dried fruits and nuts and other products are sold. There are also numerous modern shopping centers located at Kizilay, Tunali Hilmi Street, Cankaya Atakule and the environs of Ankara.


Visit museums.
Go and visit Ataturk’s mausoleum (Anitkabir).
Visit Ankara Castle.
Have some ice-cream at Ataturk Forest Farm.
Have some meal at Golbasi.


Contact Information

Telephone : +90 (312) 317 97 00
Fax : +90 (312) 317 97 07
Address : Irfan Bastug Cad. No:142 Aydinlikevler/Ankara
Web Site :


Fair Area: The center have all equipments and comfort facilities required for modern fair activities. The main entrance of the park is directly connected to warehouses, service road and participator and visitor car parks. The center which has a closed area of 7500 m2 and open exhibition areas of at least 25,000 m2 is composed of 2 building blocks which are connected to each other. More than 15 specialist fairs are annually organized at this fair facility which was opened in October 1991. The fair center constitutes the largest closed area of Altinpark. Furthermore, the B Block which is included within the fair area and can be utilized as exhibition area whenever requested provides ideal and modern facilities for congress, conference and concert organizations with its staged hall with a capacity of 1500 persons.

Anfa Altinpark Expo-Center Conference (B) Hall

Anfa Altinpark Expo-Center Conference (B) Hall:
Total Seat Capacity: 1.100 persons (with additions): 1.250 persons
Ground Area: 1.400 m2
Fair Exhibition Area: 250 m2

Technical Information on Anfa Altinpark Expo Center Fair Area

A Block Ground Floor Net Area : 3827 m²
A Block Mezzanine Floor Net Area : 2017 m²
B Block Ground Floor Net Area : 1416 m²
B Block Mezzanine Floor Net Area : 478 m²
Total Net Area of Fair Blocks : 7.738 m² ‘dir.
Useable Stand Area (Changeable depending on the project):4.000 m²

Conference Hall

Electricity Capacity: 410 Amp/200 kW.
Generator Capacity: 300 kW.
Fair Area:
A Block Electricity Capacity:330 Amp/200 kW. (Max. 800 Amp/800 kW.)
B Block Electricity Capacity:130 Amp/100 kW.
Generator Capacity: 300 kW
Fair Area has an illumination system with sufficient levels.
A freight lift with a capacity of 2 tons is available at A Block.
An open car parking lot with a capacity of 1.000 vehicles
Central heating, cooling and air condition system is available at the Fair Area.
Trunk line for telephone calls and wireless internet network are available at the Fair Area.
A system for internal announcing and music broadcasting is also available.
Fire exit doors and emergency exits are available.