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Afyon is a natural vital point located at the crossroads connecting the north to the south and the west to the east in Anatolia. It is a significant tourism center with its historical and cultural assets, natural beauties, healing waters, thermal springs and rich cuisine. Besides its important thermal spring resorts such as Gazligol, Gecek, Sandikli and Omer, Hudai Spring Resort which is famous for its mud bath is a place that must be visited.

If you want to have a peaceful and quite holiday and a better knowledge of the interior Aegean Region and find remedies and cure for your illnesses from natural resources, you must see Afyon which was one of the most loved population centers of Phrygians.


Road: Regular coach services from important centers of Turkey and neighbor provinces to the city are available.

Railway: Afyon is the only city situated at a point intersecting four different railway directions.

Airline: The nearest Airport to Afyon is the Isparta Airport located at a distance of 150 km from Afyon.

Brief Historical Account

The city of Afyonkarahisar is named from the castle situated at the south of the city and the plant of opium. From 7000 BC to the present, many civilizations from the Calcolithic Age to the Ancient Bronze Age such as the Hittites, Phrygians, Romans, Byzantines, Seljuks and Ottomans lived in this region. After the Seljuk Turks conquered Anatolia in 1071, the Turkish sovereignty began in Afyonkarahisar. Afyonkarahisar that was respectively ruled by the Seljuk Empire, Sahipoglu Principality (Beylik) and Germiyanogullari Principality (Beylik) was included within the lands of the Ottoman Empire in 1428.


Afyon is under the effect of a terrestrial climate.

Places to Go and Visit

Aslantas and Aslankaya which are Phrygians ruins, cities of Metropolis, Amorium, Synnada, Apameia, Docimeium, Amorium and Pentapolis, Outdoor Temple of Goynus Valley, Saricayir (Selimiye) Stone Graves, Suhut - Bininler Rocky, Bolvadin - Kemerkaya Yedi Kapi Stone Settlement Place, Bolvadin - Kirkgoz Bridge, Afyon Castle, Afyon Thermal Springs, Iscehisar Chimney Rocks, Sandikli Akdag -Tokali Canyon.


Afyon Archeology Museum, Victory Museum, Bolvadin Museum, Dumlupinar Museum.


Frig Valley tour.

Sports Activities

Hiking, Bird Watching, fresh water fishery.


Cream, garlic-favored sausages, pastries, food with opium, Turkish delight and candies.


Laceworks and hand woven carpets, cream and Turkish delight.


Benefit from healing waters of Afyon Thermal spring resorts,
Visit and see Metropolis Area, Sandikli Akdag -Tokali Canyon, Chimney Rocks located at Iscehisar
Visit Afyon Archeology Museum, Grand Mosque (Ulu Cami), Imaret Mosque, Afyon Castle.
Taste Kaymakli ekmek kadayifi.
Buy any of Bayat’s Kilims dyed with madder and Dazkiri’s silk carpets.