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The lands of Anatolia which has been a threshold and cradle for great civilizations of the world for ten thousand years is now serving incredible facilities to its visitors in the field of congress tourism. Turkey that is a natural bridge between Europe and Asia is hosting more number of meetings, incentives and congresses for each year.

Turkey is an ideal country for congress tourism due to its being close to the European countries and its exoticism. Turkey as being attractive with its hotels, accommodation facilities, congress and conference centers with high quality and high service standards is mostly preferred country among other choices due to its several features such as suitable climate conditions, its unrivalled facilities and opportunities and cost advantages.

Direct flights to Izmir, Antalya and Ankara as well as easy transfer connection to other places are available. Arrival to Istanbul within a short journey of two or three hours from important centers of Europe is available by means of frequent flight schedules of Turkish Airlines and other airline companies. Daily flights connect Istanbul to primary cities of the world especially in the United States of America, Middle East and Asia. Furthermore, package tours with multiple choices can be arranged for city tours and entertainment programs.

Istanbul is one of the greatest tourism centers of the world due to its unique natural beauties and sightseeing as well as its historical and cultural assets and its rich architectural treasures. With its palm trees and ancient ruins Izmir is like a door to the Aegean Region. Kusadasi, Marmaris, Bodrum and Fethiye welcome to the visitors with brightly shining sea. These places are perfect choices for congresses, conferences, meetings and incentives. Antalya, Mersin and the Mediterranean Shores that are sunny for 300 days in a year are centers of attraction with their tourism facilities with high standards, shores and beautiful beaches and historical places. Ankara, the capital city of Turkey, is an important center for congress tourism with its magnificent hotels and restaurants and its ease of transportation to legendary Cappadocia which is famous for its rock churches and underground cities. Bursa, the first capital city of the Ottoman Empire, is a perfect host with its glamorous sightseeing, hotels with thermal baths and skiing facilities at Uludag.

Turkey has today the capacity and equipment to organize any kind and size of congress, meeting, incentives and conference with suitable comfort and style. Traditional Turkish hospitality, quality of service at higher standards, wine and regional tastes, limitless entertainment and travel facilities play important role in the success of any congress to be organized in Turkey.

Turkey charms tourists with its sea, sun and beaches. This country is also a focus of interest for business and congress tourism as well as being a tourism paradise with many alternative tourism facilities. It should be noted that different tourism services during winters are attractive and qualified as much as those in summers. In some regions, for example, a congress, meeting or conference to be organized during winter may be more economical than summer times. Most of the 5-star hotels have the necessary infrastructure for congress tourism.