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Husrev Pasha Mosque (Centrum)

The mosque located in Old Van city was built by Husrev Pasha, the ruler of Van and one of the viziers of Suleyman the Magnificent. It is understood from the gate that the mosque was built in 1567.

Kaya Celebi Mosque (Centrum)

Its construction started by Celebizade Koci Bey, a local notable of Van, in 1592 in Old Van city and it was completed by Cem Dedeoglu Mehmet Bey from the same family.

Carpanak Church (Carpanak Island-Centrum)

The Island on the northeast of Lake Van is reached by a boat voyage lasting for 1 hour and 40 minutes from the centrum wharf in Van. The crown gate of Carpanak Church constructed at the beginning of the 12th century is adorned with geometrical board and cross formations and it keeps all of its glory and beauty as one of the places worth seeing.

Celme Hatun Cupola (Gevas)

The lodge in the Seljuk graveyard was built for Celme Hatun, the daughter of Izzettin Sir, in 1358 during Karakoyunlular period. It bears the traces of Seljuk Cupola Architecture. The Seljuk graveyard and Celme Hatun Lodge has an exact appearance of “Open Air Museum”.

Akdamar Church (Akdamar Island- Gevas)

The church is reached after a boat voyage that lasts 20 minutes from the wharf on Van-Tatvan highway. It was built by Gagig I, the dynasty of Vasparakan, between 915 and 921. There are frescos in interior walls and relief works on outer walls.