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Veysel Karani Lodge (Baykan)

Veysel Karani Lodge is at a distance of 40 km to Siirt. The lodge made of a mixture called “cas” which is peculiar to the area was pulled down in 1967. A new lodge was constructed instead of it. 16-17 May are celebrated as the commemoration day of Veysel Karani every year.

Ibrahim Hakki Lodge (Aydinlar)

It is a lodge built by Ibrahim Hakki, a religious and astronomy scholar, for his favorite instructor Ismail Fakirullah in the 18th century. An aspect of the lodges located on a hill is the fact that the sun rays at a certain time on 21st of March every year through a windows with 40x40 cm sizes on the wall (Kalet-ul Ustad) were made to lighten the top part of the sarcophagus belonging to Ismail Fakirullah by reflecting them from a prism in the tower. However, this feature of the building disappeared after a repair in 1963 and it was impossible to establish this system again in spite of all efforts.