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Menucehr Mosque (Ani Ruins)

It is in the antique city of Ani. The mosque that was constructed by Ebu Suca Manucehr from Seddatogullari clan in 1072 draws attention as the first mosque built by Seljuk in Anatolia. It is one of the most beautiful constructions of Anatolian Seljuks with its colored stones having a mosaic appearance on the ceiling and rich motif geometrical adornments.

Ebul Muammeral Mosque (Boz Minaret-Ani Ruins)

The mosque in the square of Ani city was constructed by the last Seddatli Sultan Sahan Shah. The minaret of the mosque that has been damaged fell on one side.

Kecel Church (Saint Pirkitch Church-Ani Ruins)

It was built by the son of Abugremrizents Daklavini, the grandson of Gregor, in 1034- 1036 in Ani Ruins. It was repaired by the Priest Tridot in 1173 and a bell tower was attached to the main construction in 1291 and the dome was renovated in 1342. As a result of a lightning, it is still in a condition that half of it has been demolished.

Sirli Church (Saint Gregor Church-Ani Ruins)

It was built by Tigran at the instance of the minorities under the patronage of Seddatli Sultanate in 1215 in Ani Ruins. Most of the part of the main construction taking attraction with adornment in the interior part of the dome has been damaged.

Abughamrent Gregor Church (Ani Ruins)

It was built for Gregor in 998 by Gagik II, the king of Ani, in Ani Ruins.

Guvercinli Church (Genc Kizlar Church-Ani Ruins)

The construction that was assumed to be built in the 12th and 13th centuries in Ani Ruins is located on a steep rocky place by the bank of Arpacay outside big rampants.

Kemserakanli Church (Ani Ruins)

Only one wall, with primitive man motifs, of this church constructed in 922 in Ani Ruins still survives.

Meryem Ana [Virgin Mary] Cathedral (Fethiye Mosque-Ani Ruins)

The construction of the cathedral in the centrum of the city Ani began in 1010 during Sembat II period and it was completed during Gagik I period. It was used as a mosque for some time as a result of the conquest of Ani by Alparslan in 1064. It was damaged by an earthquake in 1319 and it was repaired by the Architect Tiridod. This construction is still among the best-preserved constructions in Ani.

Arak' Eltos Church (Ani Ruins)

The church constructed in 1031 was built as a patriarchate in Ani Ruins. It was changed into a caravanserai as a result of the conquest of Ani by the Seljuks in 1064.

Havariler Church (Kumbet Mosque-Centrum)

The church located in the subdistrict Kaleici on the southern slopes of Kars Castle has been well-preserved so far. It was built by King Abbas from Bagrat who made Kars the capital city between 932- 937 AD. After it was used as a church for a long time, the construction was turned into a mosque by the Seljuks in 1064 and it was used as a church again in the following periods. It was repaired by the Russians in 1878. The bell tower constructed next to the church in 1890 was pulled down in 1918.