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Aya Yorgi Church (Centrum)

Its date of construction is 1858. The inscription concerning this is on the entrance of the main nave. The inscription is in the Isparta Museum today. The construction is on the east-west direction narthexed and three-naved.

St. Paul Church (Yalvac)

It is in the ancient city Pisidia Antiocheia on a 1 km north of the town Yalvac. It is the biggest church of the city and it is situated on 200 meters south of the Roman Bath and adjacent to walls of the city. The basilica planned construction which is one of the first Christian churches was founded on a synagogue. Saint Paul Church in the ancient city Antiocheia in Yalvac took its name from Saint Paul who toured the city. Saint Paul arrived the city in 46 AD with Saint Barnabas and sermonized his first official sermon in the synagogue here. Because Saint Paul visited the city twice after this arrival both the church and Antiocheia became important for the Christian world.