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Sheyh Fethullah Mosque and kulliye (Central District)

It is the most important construction in Gaziantep made up of kulliye (complex of buildings adjacent to mosque), mosque, zaviye (small dervish lodge), Turkish bath and theological school according to charter of a charity. Combining the early ottoman’s mosque constructing plan successfully, but with different composition in it, the mosque has an exceptional place in Turkish-Muslim architecture, especially due to its vaunt. There is a manuscript of Qur’an written by Sheyh Fethullah in the mosque.

Boyaci Mosque (Central District)

Being the oldest Mosque in Gaziantep, the mosque was built by painter Yusuf and Kadi Kemalattin in 1357. The mosque belongs to the period of Turkish Memluks (property owner) and is very rich from the standpoint of decorations with marbles and majolica.

Omeriye Mosque (Central District)

Although there is no exact information about by whom this mosque had been built, there is a rumor that it was built either in Omar’s of his grandson from daughter, Caliph Omar Bin Abdulaziz. The other name of the mosque is “Omereyin” which means “Two Omars”

Ahmet Celebi Mosque (Central District)

The founder of the mosque is Haci Osmangolu Ramadan Efendi coming from prophet race. It is a kulliye made up of theological school, mosque and chapel. From its epigraph it is under stood that the mosque was built in 1672. The art of working with wood is very attractive.

Prophet Yusa’s Tomb (Central Districtr)

Being from children of Israel prophet Yusa is Moses’ nephew. He had saved children of Israel from namadism and placed them to Arzi Kenan. There are two tombs in two rooms of a building located in a place called Pir Sefa in Painter Mahalle (quarter). One of the tombs belong to prophet Yusa the other to holy Pir Sefa.

Tomb of Holy Pir Sefa (Central District)

The holy Pir Sefa and Yusa prophet were buried in the same place. Tomb of the holy Pir Sefa is located five footsteps below the ground. There is a rumor that, Pir Sefa was the care-taker of Yusa’s tomb and was buried here after his death. Due to another source, Pir Sefa is an ensar from Medine. He had come here under the command of Ali during the conquest of Gaziantep by Muslims and died during a fight. So, Omer ordered to bury Pir Sefa near prophet Yusa and said: “He became neighbor of Prophets Yusa”

Holy Okkeshiye Tomb (Nurdagi)

The tomb is located on the hill to the South-East of Nurdagi district, in 17 km away from Gozluhoyuk. Holy Okkeshiye is said to be one of the five companions of the prophet Muhammad who died during the conquest of Gaziantep in Omar’s time.

Rumkala (Yavuzeli)

Located in urban country of Yavuzeli which is the district of Gaziantep, Rumkale is predicated to be built in 840 BC in the late Hittites’ period. It is said that Johannes who was one of the 12 apostles of Jesus had made Rumkale the center during Rome period and spread Christianity in Gaziantep region. There is also a rumor that Johannes had hidden rough draft of Bible (Evangel) in a room, carved in a rock, of a castle and then taken it to Beynet also there are those who claim that Johannes grave is in the castle therefore this castle is holy place.