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Cifte Minareli [Double-Minaret] Theological School (Centrum)

It was constructed by Hudavend Hatun, the daughter of Alaaddin Keykubad who was the Sultan of the Seljuks, in 1253. It is the biggest of two-floored theological schools with double minarets and open yards. Its crown gate is one of the most beautiful examples of the style of the Seljuks with its relief adornments.

Yakutiye Theological School (Centrum)

The artistic work dating back to the Ilhanli Civilization is a high building. According to the inscription on the crown gate, it was constructed by Hodja Cemaleddin Yakud with the supports of Sultan Gazan and Balugan Hatun from Khorasan in 1310.

Uc Kumbetler [Three Cupolas] (Centrum)

These fascinating cupolas have two major significances dating from the period the Saltukogullari Civilization. The first one is that they are one of the first constructions built in Anatolia and the second one is that these three cupolas were built in architectural styles completely different from one another.