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Yivli Minaret (Alaaddin Mosque-Center)

It is in the city center of Antalya. It is the minaret of Alaaddin Mosque, which was converted into a mosque from a church in 1230 by the Seljuk Sultan, Alaaddin Keykubad. Yivli Minaret rises like a monument standing out at first sight and is considered as a symbol of the city. The words of Allah and Mohammad in turquoise and dark blue colours are written on every direction of the floor.

Kesik Minare Mosque (Korkut Mosque - Cami - i Kebir, Center)

This mosque, which is a piece of art belonging to the Seljukian Period, was previously constructed as Panagelia Church in the name of Virgin Mary by Byzantium during the 5th century A.D., and was converted into a mosque by Prince Korkut during Bayezit II. Therefore, it is also known as Korkut Mosque or Cami-i Kebir.

Kale Mosque (Sultan Suleiman Mosque - Alanya)

The mosque is west of the shipyard in Alanya. It was constructed by Seljuk Sultan, Alaaddin Keykubad I. It is also known as Sultan Suleiman Mosque, as it was reconstructed by Sultan Suleiman between 1530 and 1566 years.

Saint Nicholas Church (Kale-Demre)

Kale (Demre) is known as the place where Saint Nicholas, known as Father Christmas in Christianity world, performed his duty as a bishop. The church was constructed during the 6th century in the memory of Saint Nicholas after his death. International Father Christmas Festival organized every year in Kale (Demre) and Kas between the 6th and the 8th of December has turned into a symposium where foreigners have also participated in Antalya recently.

Hagia Yorgi Church (Alanya)

It is thought that the church within the Alanya Castle was constructed by Byzantium during the VIth century A. D.