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Haci Bayram Mosque and Mauseloum (Center)

The mosque constructed in the years of 1425-1427 was repaired three times. Haci Bayram Mauseloum, standing next to the mosque, was built after 1429. Its wooden and embroidered door of highly artistic importance is displayed at Ankara Etnography Museum.

Karacabey Mosque (Imaret Mosque- Center)

On the act of foundation dated 1484, the mosque was built by Karacabey, one of the Ottoman rulers. In terms of wooden engraving, the wooden pulpit is one of the most beautiful examples among the mosques in Ankara.

Arslanhane Mosque (Ahi Serafeddin Mosque-Center)

The mosque belonging to the period of Ahis which was established in Ankara during the last period of Seljuks has a wooden column. It was built in 1290. In Turkey, there are 12 mosques with a wooden column.

The Temple of Augustus (Center)

The temple built in the 2nd century B.C. is adjacent to Haci Bayram Mosque. It was built by Galats to the honour of the Roman Emperor Augustus. On its wall is the political testament of Augustus. This testament is historically important.

Samanpazari Synagogue (Center)

This is the synagogue in which the Jewish Community living in Ankara worships. The synagogue is open only for weddings, funeral ceremonies and on special days.