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Gokmedrese Mosque (Center)

Gokmedrese Mosque, which is deemed to be constructed in Amasya by Torumtay, one of the governors of the Seljuk Empire, (1267) has a serious and sedate style with its hewn stone architecture, with its mature ratios and simple adornments.

Burmali Minare Mosque (Center)

It was constructed by Vizier Ferruh and his brother Haznedar Yusuf during Seljuk Sultan, Giyaseddin Keyhusrev II in the years of 1237 and 1247. Its wringling minaret is among the distinctive characteristics of the mosque.

Sultan Bayezit II Complex (Center)

The Complex, constructed in the name of Sultan Bayezit II in the years of 1485-1486, is composed of mosque, theology school, charitable establishment, tomb and a water tank with a fountain (sadirvan). The old plane trees at the level of both minarets are estimated to be as old as complex.