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Hamamli Church (Center)

It is in the Hamamli village of the Artvin province. The church, 32 km. from the city center was constructed by Sembat I from Baghdad between 923 and 958 AD. With its embroidered “sundial” which has maintained its characteristic on its door till today, the church has an impressive architecture.

Barhal Church (Altiparmak Church, Yusufeli)

It is within the Altıparmak village, which is 12 km. northwest of the Yusufeli district. It is used as a mosque today and still maintains its historical characteristic. The building was constructed by the Baghdad Kingdom on behalf of ‘Baptist Yahya’ in the 10th century. With its well-arranged stonework, the building is in highly good condition. Its monumental characteristic is worth seeing.

In the neighbourhood are also other spectacular churches such as Ishan Church (Yusufeli), Cevizli Church (Savsat), Koprulu Church.