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Ishak Pasha Mosque (Dogubeyazit)

The palace was built on a hill in Dogubeyazit by Ishak Pasha, the son of vizier Hasan Pasha. Having approximately 360 rooms and lounges, the palace fits the tradition of Ottoman Palace. It is said that the whole construction process of the palace took 99 years. In the architecture of its buildings (mosque - harem flats - free eating place for poor people - public bath, recreation hall only for men - ceremony hall and entertainment hall - tombs etc.) which take place around two ‘U’ shaped courtyards, each within the other, a perfect stonework can be observed. As for the art of carving and wall embellisments, the traces of Ottman, Seljukian and Persian civilisations are seen. The octagon tomb, built nearly at the outer walls of mosque towards the direction of Mecca, has two storeys, which fits with the tradition of Seljuklian tomb architecture.

Mount Agri

Mount Ağrı (5165 m.), Turkey's highest mountain, had drawn attention of scientists, mountaineers and adventurers and has become a subject to various stories, folk songs and myths since former times.
According to Holy Bible and Pentateuch, the world was covered with wicked things during the Prophet of Noah. God ordered Noah to construct a ship in order to punish humanbeings. Prophet Noah, his spouse, his sons and his sons’ spouses as well as a pair from all species living in the world would be taken on board. Prophet Noah constructed the ship as God ordered and went on board together with all the living creatures. All the living creatures except the ones within the ship vanished as a result of the flood. With the recession of waters, the ship grounded on Mount Agri, and the creatures left the ship and spread all around the world.