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Kizilelma Cave

Geographical Location and Arrival

The cave situated in Ayici Quarter of Zonguldak Province is one of the longest caves of our country. It is at 7-8 km. southeast of Kilimli. The cave can be reached via Zonguldak-Kilimli-Gelik-Ayici road easily.


The cave with a total length of 6630 m. and the depth is 114 m. in respect to the entrance consists of a side branch and a main gallery that have distinctive properties and appearances. These sections were adorned by colorful dripstones (stalagmite, stalactite, pillar and flag dripstones, macaroni and eccentric dripstone pools). There are dwarf bats living alone in fossilized sections close to the entrance of the cave. Besides, the underground creek and the lakes create a different atmosphere inside the cave.

The waters of Aydin Creek ve Büyük Ay Creek sinks at the active doline mouth. The cave is entered through the fossilized mouth (30x10m.) located at the upper part, and after 100 m. the water is encountered. The cave continues horizontally together with the water. After the first 100 m. it is possible to move forward creeping for 400 m. A siphon of 10 m. exists at the end. This siphon can be passed in the autumn months. The gallery in the cave gains great dimensions after the siphon.

At the 3200th m. of the cave which continues as a single active gallery basically, there is a chimney with a height of 80 m. which is enough to illuminate the lake at the floor of it. The cave continuing 3 km. more together with the lakes ends with a 2 siphons. The researches related with some branches and the last siphon in the cave has not been concluded, yet. It has been determined that the water sank comes out out of Cumayani Cave after 2 km.

The cave whose underground system (Kizilelma - Cumayani) reaches a total length of 10 km. reaches to 10 km. has gained the second longest cave system of Turkey after the Pinargozu Cave.

Gokgol Cave

Geographical Location and Arrival

It is situated right on the road at the locality of Uzulmez District which is at the 4th km. on Zonguldak exit of Zonguldak-Ankara highway. The water coming out of the cave streams out to the Uzulmez Creek. The arrival is easy as Zonguldak-Ankara road passes right in front of the cave.


The entrance of the cave is large and high. It is entered from among the rock blocks via a huge fossilized mouth. A siphon is reached after 250 m. Although the siphon has a length of 10 m., it can be crossed by walking after the waters were drawn back in summer. An underground creek is arrived passing through the siphon. There are water ponds in places on the floor covered with yellow dirt that the torrent brought. After the Kizilelma Cave which has a total length of 3350 m. with its branches Gokgol Cave as the second longest cave consists of 4 evident storeys that have different properties. Gokgol Cave formed of two big side branches near main gallery developed horizontally and is active. The storeys inside it are connected with each other. The big debris saloon is at the place where side branches meet. There is an underground creek whose volume of the flow increases in precipitation periods. While the river and the lakes inside can be crossed by walking easily sudden floods occur in consistent precipitations. Therefore it is dangerous to enter the cave in summer and spring moths. There are unique dripstone formations in different shapes and colors inside the big debris saloon. Gokgol Cave is very rich of dripstone formations. All sorts of formations, stalagmite, stalactite, pillar, flag dripstones and macaroni stalactites can be seen.

Inagzı Cave

Geographical Location and Arrival

The cave located at 15th km. of Kilimli road near the coast is a local cave in Zonguldak Province.


The cave with a total length of 800 m. is entered via a fossilized mouth facing the sea. After a hole through which one can hardly pass beginning from the 50th m. it continues with an underground creek here and there. There is a siphon at the 400th m. and it can be crossed by walking in the period when waters are drawn back. From here it ends with the siphon after going forward for 400 m. more.

Cumayani Cave

Geographical Location and Arrival

The cave situated in Cumayani Quarter is 3 km. far from Catalagzi District of Zonguldak Province.


It forms the drainage mouth of Kizilelma-Cumayani underground water system. It opens out into the outside via many inlets. The saloon is reached by an active gallery of 100 m. from the lower mouth or by walking for 75 m. from the upper fossilized dry mouth. The saloon begins with a travertine functioning as a bridge on the underground creek. The travertine offers an extraordinary beauty. The floor of the saloon with a height of 60 m. and a length of 70 m. is covered with a thick sand layer and ends with a siphon. Upon going forward in the direction of the flowing water towards the left of the travertine, the siphon in the direction of Kizilelma Cave is reached. A boat is necessary for this gallery.

As flood occurs in the precipitation periods or at the times of a sudden rain, mortal danger can occur.