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Dupnisa Cave System

Geographical Location and Arrival

The cave is located inside the borders of Sarpdere Village of Demirkoy District in Kirklareli. It is at 5-6 km. southwest of the village. The cave could be reached via the Kirklareli-Derekoy-Sarpdere and Kirklareli-Uskup-Cukurpinar-Sarpdere roads at the north or via Vize-Poyrali-Demirkoy-Balaban-Sarpdere road at the south.


The cave consisting of two storeys connected with each other, three caves having different development properties and three entrances is an underground system with a total length of 3200 m. The first 1000 m. beginning from the entrance is watery. The hydrological properties, development periods and dripstone sediments of these caves which were developed in a 70 m. altitude, are quite different. The fact that the three caves contrast with each other stand o each other successively is rather interesting. The dry cave at the upper section is rich of dripstone accumulations. There are too many dripstones especially in the form of stalagmite, stalactite, pillar and wall. On the contrary, the underground creeks and lakes, wall and drapery dripstones like eaves descending over the lakes make Dupnisa Cave below more attractive. Dupnisa Doline is one of the three entrances. One of the branches is 456 m. and the other one is 363 m. Kiz Cave is the third entrances and starts with an inclination of 60 degrees. The side branches of the cave are fossilized and the main system is active. There is a saloon with a dimension of 150x60 m.

The spring flow out of the cave forms Rezve River which is Turkish-Bulgarian border.

Yenesu Cave

Geographical Location and Arrival

Yenesu Cave is situated on the right edge of Yana River that is one of the branches of Kazandere River at 2 km. east of Balkaya Village which is about 20 km. far from Vize District of Kirklareli. The cave stands 5 m. above the river bed and can be reached via the road separated from 8th km. of Vize-Kiyikoy road, or via Kiyikoy-Aksicim-Balkaya and Saray-Bahcekoy-Aksicim-Balkaya road.


It is the third biggest cave of Thrace. Inside of Yenesu Cave is covered with all kinds of dripstones (stalagmite, stalactite, pillar and wall dripstones, dripstone pools and macaronis) beautiful in appearance. Yenesu Cave with a total length of 1620 m. is formed of two branches whose development periods and levels are different. The main gallery connected with the debris saloon at the entrance is the active section of the cave. There are numerous dripstone pools whose lengths change between 0.5-1.5 m. inside of this section in which a water flow always present. These formations descending over the dripstone pools or lakes like eaves and the one rising from the floor give the cave a magical atmosphere.