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Ilgarini (Ilvarini) Cave

Geographical Location and Arrival

The cave located in Yamanlar Village in Pinarbasi District of Kastamonu Province is situated on the extension of Sorkun Plateau.


The cave with a total height of 860 m. has a depth of -250 m. It is 1250 m. high above the sea level. The cave formed in 4th and 5th period is fourth biggest cave of the world. There are 1 million years old stalagmites and stalactites inside the 10 million years old cave formation. It contains two sections including horizontal one and reactive vertical one. There are house ruins and cisterns supposed to belong to Roman-Byzantium period at the entrance mouth. Also, a road made by humans by spreading with stones at the beginning of the vertical section. It has 24 spirals. There is a 52 m. deep and 30 m. diameter pit at the farther part of the road. Then, a lake like siphon whose floor is covered with white travertine at -250 m. is reached by walking. Fossilized branch is covered with beautiful cave formations in shape of travertine and chandelier. The formations in the saloons to which some branches hard to reach lead have been protected till today, and they are still continuing to develop.

Varla Canyon, Ilgarini Cave and the environments of Kastamonu are chosen as the model project site by United Nations Development Program and FAO (Food and Agricultural Organization) along with the Minister of Forest. Ilgarini Cave was chosen as the 4th biggest cave by FAO.

Sarpunalinca Cave

Geographical Location and Arrival

The cave is in Kure District of Kastamonu Province. It is located at the Sarpunalinca Quarter of Senlik Village of Devrekani in the vicinity of Kure. The cave is reached via the Kure-Sarpunalinca road of forest.


The cave is totally horizontal and active. The cave is 662 m. long and drains the water collected in the Sarpunalinca region.

The waters move ahead among the rock blocks along a crack and streams out in the form of a spring by a small siphon of 3.5 m. at the exit. The cave is not so rich on the basis of formations. The entrance mouth and the spring exit mouth have a very beautiful nature. As the cave mouth is covered with plain grassland, pitching camp is comfortable. The peppermint field lying between the cave entrance and the siphon adds a different beauty to the trip.

Kuyluca Cave

Geographical Location and Arrival

The cave situated within the borders of Senpazar District is in a distance of 3 km. far from Sehriban Creek and 4 km. far from Devrekani Creek.


The cave is also called as Daglı Kuyluca. The mouth of the cave is wider than Cukurpinar Doline which is the deepest point (-1190 m.) of Turkey. At the cave entrance, two rivers join together forming witch cauldrons and move ahead in the form of a single branch. This branch probably joins with the cave at 40-50 m. There is a waterfall at about every 100 m. inside the cave and a wind breezing is felt in the direction of the waterfall. The temperature changes between 10-20º C.