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Insuyu Cave

Geographical Location and Arrival

The cave is located at 900 m. east of the road on the 13th km of Burdur-Antalya highway in Mandira Village.


Insuyu Cave located at the west of Taurus Mountains, lies horizontally and is a spring positioned, semi active and displays the property of multi-period development. The total length of the cave is 597 m. and is horizontal and dry.

Taking the formation style of stalactites and stalagmites in various shapes and structures which is formed by the limestone sedimentation into account, it is estimated that the cave was formed thousands of years ago. There are 9 lakes, big and little, inside the galleries leading in different directions.

It has intensive dripstone formations looking excellent (stalactite, stalagmite, pillar, wall and drapery dripstones and kalsit crystals). The first section of the cave consisting of two interconnected sections, and lying parallel to the fault line has a craggy and latticed structure. The second section which was discovered as a result of the fact that the underground waters had declined is poorer than the first section in respect to the dripstone formations, although it is longer than the second one.

This section can be toured by the groups who have an aim to make sports and adventure with special caving equipments though it is extremely hard to walk around.

Insuyu Cave has gained the reputation of being the first cave of Turkey, which was reclaimed for tourism after it was opened for public visits in 1965 as it has an appropriate arrival. There is a cool and clean air circulation inside the cave. It is believed that some of the cave waters are curative for diabetics and some stomach diseases. There is an accommodation facility around the cave established by City Private Administration.