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The Mediterranean seals, whose total number in the world is approximately 350-400, are only living in Turkey, Greece and North-Western African coasts and are one of the 12 mammal breed that are endangered on the world. Some of the Mediterranean seals are settled in the islands surrounding Foca.

These islands compose an island group with 6 uninhabited islands. These are; Orak Island, İncir Island, Kartdere Island, Fener Island, Hayırsız Island and Metalik Island. Especially İncir Island is being used by the tourists and local people as a picnic area and beach. The islands and surrounding bays harbor one of the last Mediterranean seal colonies in Turkey.

In spite of the increasing tourism and fishing, the Mediterranean seals are using the caves and coasts in these islands to breed, to bring up their juveniles, to rest and sun themselves. The number of the Mediterranean seals, whose name is “Monachus Monachus” in Latin, is about 50-100 in the waters of Turkey.

To protect the Mediterranean seals living in the islands of Foca, it is forbidden to come near more than 2 miles to the islands between Aslanburnu and Deveboynu Cape, moreover to come near more than 100 meters to Siren Rocky Place and Orak Island, where the seals are seen.