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[Camping and Caravan Tourism]


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You may find the holiday environment you desire among uncorrupted natural beauties, culture history and friendly people in the camps in Turkey.

Camping is a part and parcel of Turkish culture and Anatolian traditions. About 26 percent of Turkey’s land is covered with forests. Turkey is one of these remarkable countries which display the characteristics of various climates and are rich in flora and fauna. A camping on the side of mountains, in the midst of an immense plain or on the coast of a river, a sea or a lake will not only satisfies your thirst for camping but also make you free from any strain. Turkey’s resources in this field of tourism are so wide that cannot be limited to only few holiday seasons. We are sure that you will make plans for coming back to a new holiday in Turkey before you leave this paradise land.

There are camping sites in Turkey, which ranged over five regions and can provide most of the necessary services, and substantial part of these are located on highway routes and seaside. The locations of these sites enable you to enrich your holiday with such sports as boat trips, fishing, windsurfing and sailing around calm seas of the country.