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"Balikli Kangal Thermal Center” in Central Anatolia has marvelous characteristics and a leading facility in its own kind on the world. This center, which is 13 km away from Kangal district of Sivas Centrum has medicinal water with temperature of 36 degrees Celsius containing bicarbonate, calcium, magnesium and small fish (of 2-10 cm length) which plays a vital role in the treatment of various skin diseases .

The History of Balikli Cermik Spa

The zone where the spa is was a reedy place in 1917. After a shepherd with a wound on his foot had been healed, the thermal hot spring water of 36 degrees Celsius temperature with fish in it had begun to be used in primitive holes which the regional people had dug. As it was not known where the fish living in the water came from, the spa has a mysterious fame. In 1950, a facility was established on the spa. The facility developed within time and began to service psoriasis patients coming from homeland and abroad for twelve moths. Balikli Spa, one of the special spas on the world, attracts the attention of scientists also.

Characteristics of Balikli Cermik Thermal Center and the Fish and the Quality of the Treatment

Fish eat the wounds and peelings of the ones in the pool and increase the contact of spa water to the skin Spa water is positively affective on the treatment of rheumatism diseases, neurological diseases, fracture, dislocations, bruises, skin and kidney diseases. With respect to the results of the research done, Balikli Spa zone shows to be an important region for geothermal energy, energy potential and the utilization of this energy. Kangal Balikli Spa increases the thermal characteristic of our country furthermore. Because, Kangal Balikli Spa is a source of hope for patients of skin diseases who have not been able to be treated by modern medicine (especially psoriasis patients). (The success rate of treatment for foreign visitors is 98%.)

The irritated or inflamed wounds on the skin, eczema, inflamed pimples and psoriasis formations are healed by Cyprinide (carp family), Cyprinion Macrostamus (Beni fish) and Garra rufa (fatty fish) types of fish having lengths of 2-10 cm. and the scars on the skin vanish. These types of fish are separated into 3 groups as driller, sucker wound dresser. Although the fish can live normally up to temperature of 28 oC utmost, the fact that the fish here can live up to temperatures of 36 oC and their healing characteristics, show that they have extraordinary powers.

Thin, brown, grey and cream colored carp and goby fish looking fish begins to wander around people getting into the pool in the spa and clean skin zones showing diseases symptoms. This type of fish with no teeth, tear apart the wounds which are softened by the water with temperature of 36 - 37 oC and clean the skin until it becomes smooth. For taking positive results from the treatment, it is required to get into the pool three times a day with period of two hours, for three weeks (21 days). On the other hand, a relaxation and resting is observed on the body related to the bubbles boiling in the ground and the impacts of the fish. The treatment no side affects and no additional medicine is used. Some patients worry that the disease will reoccur. Research done shows that the disease can be healed completely. This spa, which is one of the “Leading and different spas on the world”, heals not only the psoriasis, but also many other skin diseases.

There are also two additional thermal centers in this province, Hot Cermik and Cold Cermik with valuable healing treatments.

Average Temperature With Respect to Months (oC)
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
-3 -6 -3 4 13 15 18 18 12 9 3 -4
Number of Sunny Days With Respect to Months
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
17 15 19 21 25 28 31 31 29 26 21 19
Average Humidity With Respect to Months (%)
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
79 81 78 76 72 77 63 60 64 80 81 87



Located in Kangal district which is 98 km away from Sivas.

Spa Facilities

Two thermal pools, 16 private thermal baths, 3 normal pools one of which is semi-Olympic.

Thermal Spring Water Characteristics

It is thermo mineral water with calcium, magnesium, bicarbonate and. of selenium per liter. There is fish, called “doctor fish” by the public which lives at 36 oC and contributes to the healing of psoriasis on the skins of the patients the total flow of the pools is 130 lt/sec.

Chemical characteristics: PH 7.40, radioactivity 6 emans, total mineralization 590.9 mg/lt. Physical characteristics; thousands of small fish , the biggest of which is 10 cm in length, in the water of the thermal hot spring.

Diseases Cured

Spa is famous with the treatment of psoriasis and skin diseases. It is known to be affective on the treatment of many skin diseases. It is also affective on the treatment of rheumatism diseases, neurological diseases, fracture, dislocations, bruises and arthritis in some cases; and on the treatment of some kidney diseases by drinking and bathing cures.


There are totally 120 beds in two separate motels in the Spa. The environment is suitable for camping and trailer tourism and there is a space for 150 tents. It is open for service for the whole year.

Other Facilities

There are multi line telephone and internet connection in the motels; illumination, electricity for 24 hours, restaurant, casino, grocer, green grocer etc in the camping and trailer zones. , Market, tea garden, children’s park, and parking lots for daily promenades are other facilities

Balikli Kaplıca Hotel

120 rooms, 300 beds

Tel: +90.346.469 11 51
Fax: +90.346.469 10 30



Located on Sivas-Ankara highway, 31 km away from Centrum.

Thermal Spring Water Characteristics

The chemical characteristic of the hot spring water which has temperature of is that it contains fluoride, calcium, magnesium - sodium, sulfate, hydro carbonate and carbonate chloride.

Diseases Cured

Beneficial for rheumatism, diseases of nervous system, respiration system, digestion system, metabolism disorders, kidneys and urethra, blood circulation, muscle aches, gynecological diseases.


There are totally 161 rooms, 2489 beds, in five hotels in Hot Cermik

Other Facilities

It has electricity, telephone, restaurant, casino, grocer, green grocer, bakery and many zones for tents.

Hot Cermik Telephones

+90.346.763 43 16 (Sivas Municipality Telephone Exchange)
Hot Cermik Hotels : +90.346.763 43 16
Hot Cermik Single Hotel : +90.346.763 44 00



Located in valley between Kizilca and Beypinar villages, in 17 km northeast of Centrum.

Thermal Spring Water Characteristics

The temperature of the water is around 28 oC. The water, which contains bicarbonate, calcium, magnesium and carbon dioxide, has PH value of 6,3; radioactivity of 0.57 emans (low) .

Diseases Cured

The spa water is beneficial for stomach, intestines and gall bladder when drank. Also it is useful for the treatment of rheumatism and neurological diseases.


There are tent zones and pensions. The total number of beds is nearly 200. The accommodation needs are satisfied in Sivas as the spa is close to Centrum

Cold Cermik Telephones:

+90.346.221 01 10 (Sivas Municipality Telephone Exchange)


Sivas Provincial Cultural and Tourism Directorate

Governor’s office
Tel : +90.346.221 35 06
Fax : +90.346.223 99 99