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[Thermal Tourism]

MUGLA (Altitude: 24 m.)      

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Koycegiz is a pretty lake resort established between orange and vegetable gardens in Southern Aegean region, existing in-between beautiful white painted houses with red roofs.

Koycegiz is near the lake Koycegiz, the lake which it is named after,,between Fethiye and Marmaris, 35 away from Dalaman airport. The beach line is 4.5 km long in Koycegiz, where the surroundings of the lake are full of sediment figures. The depth of the lake which is covered with reeds varies between 25 and 100 meters. On 10 km long the lake, which is 10 km long, canoe, water ski, sailing and rowing sports can be performed.

“While boat tours are arranged in spring and summer months from the resort to Dalaman, you can see the lake’s opening to Mediterranean Sea and swim on Dalyan shores where soft sand and Caretta Carettas, which is a species becoming extinct, rest. During your trip, while you bath in the mud baths here, at the same time you can witness Royal graves here.”

The thermal sources of the region and mud bath zones permit daily and multiple utilizations of historical monuments in thermal tourism. Koycegiz is very closely located to Southern Aegean and Western Mediterranean destinations

Average Temperature With Respect to Months (oC )
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
9 11 13 16 21 26 28 28 24 19 14 11
Number of Sunny Days With Respect to Months
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
19 18 22 25 27 30 31 31 29 28 25 18
Average Humidity With Respect to Months (%)
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
75 74 71 69 69 61 58 62 65 70 76 77



Located in Fethiye district of Mugla.

Spa and Thalassotherapy Facilities

1 thalassic pool, 15 indoor pools

Other Health Purpose Facilities

Jacuzzi, jet shower, affusion shower, massage, aroma therapy, skin care and beauty center, Sauna, Turkish Bath, artificial solarium

Accommodation and Service Facilities

Thalassotherapy is a treatment method in which sea water and thermal treatment are used together. The root of the term comes from “treatment with sea water”.

Capacity of 2500 beds, Restaurants

Sports, Cultural, Entertainment and Other Purpose Facilities:

Shopping center, Fitness center, tennis court, volleyball and basketball grounds, golf course, Amphitheater, cinema, library, conference and training hall, Night club, bar, disco, poolroom, Children’s pools, babysitter and games room.



The temperature of the water varies as 39°C in Great Turkish Bath Spring, 41,9°C in Domed Turkish Bath Spring, 32°C in Sultaniye Mineral Water Spring. It is utilized as drinking and bathing cures. It is affective on rheumatism, diseases of skin, blood circulation, heart, respiration system, nervous system, kidney and urethra, gynecological diseases, metabolism disorders and recovery stage.


Located on the western shore of the Koycegiz Lake, which is in west of Mugla Province Koycegiz District, and on the slopes of Mount Olemez. It is 20 km away from Koycegiz, 4 km away from Dalyan village. Also there is Rizacavus thermal spring 1.5 km away from Dalyan village and Velibey thermal spring 2.5 km away from Dalyan village. It in on the western shore of Lake Koycegiz,20 km away from Koycegiz District and 4 km away from Dalyan.

Spa Facilities

2 spa pools, one for men and one for women.

Thermal Spring Water Characteristics

Thermal water containing calcium chloride, calcium sulfate, sulphure and radon

Diseases Cured

Backache, rheumatism, neuralgia, mental tiredness, (stress), skin and gynecological diseases.


No new constructions are allowed as the spa surroundings are protected area. Pension houses built by Municipality satisfy economical accommodation needs.


The spa, whose daily use by tourists is common, is reached by land and by boats. The region, which is peaceful and where less pensions exist, is a perfect choice for a relaxing holiday.

Sultaniye Spa and Mud Bath


Tel: +90.252.266 00 77
Fax: +90.252.262 40 05


Gel Girme Mud Bath

The mud baths located on the joint point of Lake Koycegiz and Dalyan Channel, soften theskin by caressing the mud on the body and eliminate the wrinkles. It is said that mud is beneficial for some diseases like rheumatism, herniated disk, and sciatica. There are shower, two pools, toilet and cafeteria in these mud baths, in which tourists are especially interested and where tourists daily visit.


This sulphured spa in Koycegiz with 38-39 oC temperature and flow of 12 liters per second, is utilized for the treatment of diseases like rheumatism, sciatica and arthritis. This spa, which can be reached by boats or by land vehicles, are commonly preferred by daily foreign tourists

Koycegiz Mud Baths


Tel: +90.252.284 20 35

Koycegiz Mud Baths


Tel: +90.252.284 20 35

Application Address for Information

Koycegiz Provincial Tourism Directorate
Atatürk Kordonu

Tel: +90.252.262 47 03



Located in Dalaman district of Mugla. It is on a very beautiful piece of nature.


The facility, which is 4 km away from Dalaman International Airport and 10 km away from Centrum, is easily accessible. Continuous transfers are performed to the airport and the Centrum.

Spa Facilities

5 thermal pools, one of which is indoor, 5 Thalassotherapy pools

Diseases Cured

Thermal water is used as bathing applications with Helio therapy and ultraviolet for the treatment of psoriasis, itching and detritus skin diseases, (like psoriasis, neurodermis), as bathing applications for the treatment of rheumatism in chronic stage, rehabilitation of orthopedic and neurological diseases; by inhalation (breathing) through pulverization as complementary treatment method for chronic diseases like lower and upper respiratory tract (asthma etc.)

Psoriasis Treatment Program

In psoriasis treatment, package programs of 7, 14, and 21 days are applied. This psoriasis treatment package is prepared by experts and is composed of “doctor fish”, thermal mud, thermal water, sun and antistress applications..

Other Health Purpose Facilities

Medicinal algae- mud cures, mud baths, inhalation (breathing) treatments. , Jacuzzi, underwater massage, jet shower, affusion shower , Acupuncture, aroma therapy, fito therapy, skin care and beauty center, Anti-aging and anti-stress programs


Capacity of 200 beds, air conditioner, TV, mini bar, hair dryer in rooms

Sports, Cultural, Entertainment and Other Purpose Facilities

Fitness center, table tennis, walking course, mini golf course , Bars, disco, bridge room, poolroom , Children’s pool and games room, optional babysitter , Turkish Bath, Shopping center and restaurant, Outdoor-indoor, diet -vegetarian and normal restaurant, library

Spa Otel Thermemaris

İncebel Mevkii 48770 Dalaman-MUĞLA

Tel: +90.252.694 83 34,
Fax: +90.252.694 83 64


Lykia World Thalassotherapy center

2500 beds

Tel: +90.252.617 02 00


Mugla Provincial Cultural and Tourism Directorate

Tel : +90.252.214 12 61
Fax: +90.252.214 12 44