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Other than the thermal potential Kutahya has in itself and its geographical environment, Kutahya is world wide known center for porcelain production, ceramic and tile embroidering. In this city, which was the capital city of Anatolian Beglerbeg (state) during the age of Ottoman Empire, you can feel the Ottoman history and culture in you. Thermal culture will be one of these. The spas in Kutahya are briefly introduced below

Ilica Harlek Spas

Ilica Harlek Spas, which rest in north of Kutahya, is 4 km inwards from 23. Kilometer of Kutahya – Eskişehir highway 23.The spa can be reached by public buses and mini buses departing from Centrum.

Ilica Harlek Spas, whose infrastructure and environment arrangement have been completed, has temperature of 25-43 °C, and is in the group of oligometallic waters. It is beneficial for rheumatism, dermatologic, neurological and gynecological diseases, liver failure, kidney and gall bladder inflammations.

Accommodation: There are Harlek Hotel with capacity of 10 apart flats, 57 rooms and 168 beds, other hotels and motels with municipality licenses, 3 Turkish baths, 2 indoor and four outdoor pools, sport facilities and conference hall in Spa center..

Yoncali Spas

Yoncali Spas, which rest in west of Kutahya,is 16 km away from Centrum. Yoncali Spas, whose infrastructure and environment arrangement have been completed, has temperature of 42 °C. Thermal hot spring waters which contain calcium, magnesium and sulphure are utilized for the treatment of arthritis and joint rheumatism, inflammatory joint diseases, soft tissue rheumatism, neurological diseases, traumatic and sportive diseases.

Accommodation: In Yoncali Thermal Tourism Center, there is physiotherapy and rehabilitation hospital with a capacity 0f 200 beds affiliated with ministry of Health. In Spa center, there are 4 star Yoncali TUTAV Thermal Hotel with capacity of 73 rooms and 180 beds and cure center, 37 quadruple, 20 double apart flats, hotels and motels with Municipality License, 4 Turkish baths, 3 indoor,2 outdoor pools.

Emet Yesil and Kaynarca Spas

The spas in west of Kutahya are in Emet district center. Yesil and Kaynarca spas, whose infrastructure and environment arrangement have been completed, has temperature of 43-56 °C .and beneficial for stomach, intestines, liver, gall bladder, kidney stones, gynecological and aching diseases.

Accommodation: In Spa center, there are 36 quadruple apart flats with municipality license, 3 Turkish baths, 3 indoor pools, 1 outdoor pool, Ottoman bath, sauna, private baths, gym facilities, Botany Park and a trailer park (camping).

Emet Municipality Telephone: +90.274.461 41 49

Gediz Ilicasu Spas

Ilicasu Spas, which is in south of Kutahya, 18 km away from Gediz and whose infrastructure and environment arrangement have been completed, has temperature of 65-98 °C and are beneficial for rheumatism, stomach, intestine, liver and gall bladder diseases.

Accommodation: In Spa center, there are 40 quadruple apart flats, 52 triple apart flats with municipality license, 22 wooden huts, 10 concrete huts, 1 steam bath, 1 mud bath, 2 Turkish Baths and 2 pools..

Gediz Ilicasu Spas Telephone: +90.274.431 53 23

Gediz Muratdagı Spas

Located in south of Kutahya, 18 km away from Gediz. Muratdagı Spas, whose infrastructure and environment arrangement have been completed, has temperature of 29-50 °C and beneficial for rheumatism, dermatologic, heart, kidney and gynecological diseases.

Accommodation: In Spa center, there are 18 bungalows with municipality license, 13 apart flats, 80 wooden huts, 2 Turkish Baths, 2 pools, guesthouse with capacity of 15 beds of Forest Management and conference hall and Red Crescent camp with 200 beds.

Gediz Muratdagi Spas Telephone: +90.274.412 74 96

Simav Eynal Spas

Located in southwest of Kutahya, 4 km away from Simav Eynal Spas, whose infrastructure and environment arrangement have been completed, has temperature of 70-90 °C and beneficial for rheumatism, neuralgia, skin diseases, kidney stones, sciatica, arthritis, gynecological diseases and psoriasis.

Accommodation: In Spa center, there are two hotels with municipality license, one with 37 rooms and the other with 30 rooms, 125 apart flats with 440 beds, private baths, 2 Turkish Baths, 1 indoor pool and 1 aqua park . District center is heated with geothermal energy.

Simav Eynal Spas Telephone:(+90-274)547 20 01 - 02

Hisarcık Esire Spas

Located in west of Kutahya, 10 km away from Hisarcik. The thermal spring waters, which are of temperature 51 °C are beneficial for stomach, intestines, live and gall bladder diseased by drinking cure.

Hisarcik Municipality Telephone: +90.274.481 30 85

Tavsanli Gobel Spas

Located in west of Kutahya, 7 km away from Tavsanli. Its infrastructure and environment arrangement have been completed .the temperature of hot spring waters is 32 °C and beneficial for rheumatism, sciatica, skin diseases and healing of wounds.

Accommodation:: In Spa center, as there are motels and 2 Turkish baths and as the oxygen rate in the air of the region is high, patients with asthma can stay in motels even during winter. .

Tavsanli Gobel Spas Telephone: +90.274.653 21 55

Simav Citgol Spas

Located 5 km away from Simav, the temperature of spring water is 162 °C .ıt is beneficial for sexual diseases, skin diseases, fractures, dislocations, bruises, neuralgia, nephrite, kidney stones, eczema, herniated disks, mental and physical tiredness, every type of rheumatism, sciatica, gynecological diseases, rehabilitation after operations and orthopedic arthritis

Accommodation: There are municipal motels with 60 flats and a sports complex in spa center

Simav Citgol Spas Telephone: +90.274.543 22 67

Emet Dereli Spas

Dereli Spas are on Emet-Tavsanli road and is 20 km away from Gunluce resort. Thermal hot spring waters are of temperature 38-40 °C and beneficial for rheumatism, neuralgia and gynecological diseases.

Average Temperature With Respect to Months (oC )
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
0 2 5 10 14 18 20 20 16 12 7 2
Number of Sunny Days With Respect to Months
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
18 16 20 22 25 27 30 30 27 25 21 18
Average Humidity With Respect to Months (%)
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
78 75 69 64 64 61 58 58 61 67 74 78


Yoncali Spa, which is located on the slopes of Mountain Kirazli, is on Kutahya-Tavsanli highway.

Spa Facilities:
2 indoor, 1 outdoor thermal pools, 7 private thermal baths, thermal water bath tubs in 73 hotel rooms.

Spa Treatment Facilities Other Than Bath
Mud treatment of package or caressing type is performed.

Thermal Spring Water Characteristics
Thermal water containing a mixture of bicarbonate, sulfate, calcium, magnesium.

Diseases Cured:
Utilized in the treatment rheumatism, neurological and orthopedic diseases

Capacity 0f 180 beds of thermal hotel, also capacity of 60 beds, 40 of which belong to motels and 20 of which belong to apart flats.

Other Health Purpose Facilities:
Sauna, Turkish Bath
Jacuzzi, whirlpool
physiotherapy and rehabilitation unit
Cellulite treatment and skin care, plant bath

Sports, Cultural, Entertainment and Other Purpose Facilities:

Fitness center, Table tennis
TV and games room, pool room, video games, bar and lobby
Restaurant, shopping center, auditorium, parking lot


Tavşanlı Yolu
Yoncalı/ KÜTAHYA

Tel: +90.274.249 42 12

Yoncali Thermal Spring

Yoncalı Thermalquelle

Tel: +90.274.249 42 12
Fax: +90.274.249 42 15



Located within the borders of Kutahya Municipality, on Kutahya-Eskişehir highway. It is 27 km away from Kutahya Centrum.

Spa Facilities:

There are 3 Turkish Baths, 2 indoor 4 outdoor pools.

Thermal Spring Water Characteristics

The temperature of water varies between 25,2°C and 43°C. Thermal spring has, hypotonic, oligo metallic characteristics. Kadilar and Haslas Springs, Harlek and Kadinlar Turkish Bath Springs contain bicarbonate, sulfate, calcium, magnesium.

Spa Treatment Facilities Other Than Bath

Drinking Cure

Diseases Cured:

Affective on rheumatism, liver, bile channels and skin. Helps some hazardous substances accumulated in blood during metabolism diseases to be disposed.


Harlek Hotel (186 beds). There are totally 1500 beds with accommodation facilities in other Apart hotels, motels, pensions and camping zones

Other Facilities:

There are gym facilities and conference hall.


52 rooms, 180 beds plus 30 single flat (detached) homes
Ilica Spas- KUTAHYA
Tel: 0090(274) 245 22 24, Fax: 0090(274) 245 22 27
73 rooms, 8 suites, 180 beds

Application Address for Information

KUTAHYA Provincial Cultural and Tourism Directorate
Menderes İşhanı Kültür ve Turizm Merkezi

Tel No: +90.274. 223 62 13
Fax No:+90.274.223 55 35