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[Thermal Tourism]


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Sakarya is one of provinces which enable health tourism with its thermal springs, mineral water and natural spring water sources. Especially the medicinal springs in Geyve and Akyazi districts are famous not just in the province but in whole country.

“This beautiful city, which is named after River Sakarya passing through it, is decorated with forests of thousand hues of green and the beautiful river curling through it. These thermal centers in which you will rest and find health await you.”

Average Temperature With Respect to Months (°C )
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
7 7 8 13 17 22 24 24 22 17 13 9
Number of Sunny Days With Respect to Months
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
14 16 17 21 25 28 30 30 28 21 19 18
Average Humidity With Respect to Months (%)
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
77 74 74 70 70 66 64 65 68 72 74 73



It is in province Sakarya, 8km away from Akyazi district.


You can travel to the thermal spring with your private vehicle or vehicles to be found in Akyazi.

Short History

It is known that Kuzuluk Thermal Springs have been used for treatment since Byzantine Age. With the conquest of Anatolia, this district where Turcoman settled kept its functionality and importance as caravan route passed through here.

Climate Characteristics

A humid climate rules in the district according to “Yearly Drought Scale”

Thermal Spring Facilities

There are 2 indoor thermal water pools, 1 outdoor normal water pool , 4 special baths and also thermal water bath tubs in 1470 time-shared thermal spring houses.

Thermal Spring Water Characteristics

It is natural medicinal thermal water with sodium bicarbonates, chloride and carbon dioxide.

Diseases Cured

It is utilized for the treatment of rheumatism diseases, arthritis, fracture symptoms, orthopedic operations and


There is a capacity of 2928 normal beds in 1470 time-shared flats. Also there are double sofa beds in every flat. There are facilities like sofa sets, TV, kitchen, bathroom etc. in the rooms.

Sports, Cultural, Entertainment and Other Purpose Facilities

 Cure park, forest, poolroom, pinball room, botany garden, entertainment complex, pastry shop, parks
 2 synthetic soccer pitches, 1 basketball and 1 volleyball grounds, 6 ping pong tables, fitness center, jogging and bike paths.
 Children’s game room, children’s playground
 There are a restaurant, indoor and outdoor cafeterias, a library, go-kart, a car park, barbers, a great shopping center, technical services, administrative buildings and telephone exchange. Additionally, there are grills places, picnic zones, restaurants, trout farms outside the facility.

Kuzuluk Thermal Spring Houses

Kuzuluk Resort - Akyazi / SAKARYA

Tel : +90.264.421 00 20
Fax: +90.264.421 01 35


Kuzuluk Resort - Akyazi / SAKARYA

Tel : +90.264.421 0020
Fax: +90.264.421 0150


The facility in Sakarya province Akyazi district is 27 km away from Centrum, 175 km. away from Istanbul,60 km away from Lake Sunnet which has fantastic picnic zones, 300 km away from Ankara and 14 km away from TEM Akyazi Turn.

Thermal Spring Facilities

There are special baths with thermal spring water in all rooms, indoor thermal pool, whirlpool thermal baths in all suites.


There is a capacity of 137 beds in overall 65 rooms of which are two royal suites, 3 suites and sixty standard rooms. There are TV sets with digital satellite broadcast, direct telephone line, hair dryer, mini bar, central heating and ventilation system and special thermal baths in the rooms.

Sports, Cultural, Entertainment and Other Purpose Facilities

 There are an auditorium with a capacity of 100 people, Barcovision, projector, audio system, microphone, cinevision screen
 Game center, TV room, promenades, rest areas
 There are many jogging, climbing, tracking zone which are natural beauties around the hotel.
 There are an indoor restaurant with capacity of 150 people, outdoor restaurant with capacity of 300 people, free safe deposits at reception , laundry service, souvenirs section and a car park with capacity of 100 vehicles.


SAKARYA Provincial Cultural and Tourism Directorate

Cumhuriyet Mahallesi Dr.Kamil Sokak

Tel : +90.264.277 36 67
Fax : +90.264.277 36 67