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As other neighboring cities on black Sea coast, Rize is enriched with medicinal water sources. The spas in Rize are spread to all districts, including central district. The short distances between resorts provide great facilities for accommodation and transportation. Ayder Thermal Springs stand out as the most important thermal center of Rize. 40-50 thousands of visitors coming here during the whole season both heal themselves and enjoy the nature.

Also, there is a separate bath called “Yilanli Gol” on plateau Ayder other than spas. With the fact that there seem to be no snakes in this bath, it is known that it is good for many dermatologic diseases.



Ayder spas are on Ayder plateau which is 19 km away from central district and is on the pine covered slopes of Mountain Kackar.

Climate Information

Winter and summer seasons are soft in Rize. Yearly average temperature around +14 °C. District is the rainiest part of Turkey. 2510 kg of rain falls per m² annually. In accordance with these climate characteristics, Mediterranean plants citrus and tea are grown in the district.

Thermal Spring Facilities

There are two thermal facilities called Great Turkish Bath (Hot Spring) and Small Turkish Bath (Cold Spring).

Thermal Spring Water Characteristics

Great Turkish Bath: Its water is classified as low mineral thermal water. This water is with sodium sulfates, oligometals and radon. Its temperature is 46 °C. PH value is 9.05, radioactivity is 21 emans.

Small Turkish Bath: It is an oligometallic water with sodium sulfate. Its temperature is 33°C, PH value is 8.85, and radioactivity is 17.03 emans.

Diseases Cured

The affects of water from two facilities are similar. These waters are utilized for the treatment of firstly rheumatism and then gynecological diseases , kidney sand and stones and dermatologic diseases.


There are more than 20 hotels with capacity of nearly 1500 beds. All of these hotels, which can satisfy all needs, are wooden type hotels like the ones seen in some European countries.


Rize Provincial Cultural and Tourism Directorate
Rize Governor’s Office

Tel No: +90.464.213 04 26
Fax No: +90.464.213 04 28