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The thermal sources of Ankara are all spread to districts. Especially Ayas, Beypazari, Haymana and Kizilcahamam are leading centers of these districts.. Ankara provides quality thermal tourism service with its easy transportation, quality accommodation facilities, social and sports activities, modern treatment units and medical specialists.

Kizilcahamam, which is named after the red soil and its Turkish baths, had hosted many civilizations throughout the history. This district, which have been visited for thousand of years by the ones seeking cures for their diseases, are most beneficial for gynecological diseases, rheumatism, dermatologic diseases and orthopedic diseases.

“Kizilcahamam thermal waters, whose past dates back to grand times of Roman Empire, were a source of healing for many famous people of the history in its pine and oxygen texture. Kizilcahamam presents this miracle to its visitors.”

Average Temperature With Respect to Months (°C )
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
-1 1 5 11 16 20 23 23 18 13 8 2
Number of Sunny Days With Respect to Months
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
18 17 22 23 27 29 30 31 30 28 21 17
Average Humidity With Respect to Months (%)
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
79 77 66 58 57 50 43 41 47 58 72 81

Kizilcahamam Thermal Tourism Center

It is in Kizilcahamam district. The temperature of water varies. 47°C –Great Thermal Spring, 44°C –Small Thermal Spring, 19,5°C -Kizilcahamam Mineral Water Spring, 34°C -Acisu Thermal Spring, 43° C -Sey Turkish Bath Spring, 37° C -Acisu Spring. It is utilized by Drinking and bath cures. Drinking cures are good for the diseases of liver, bladder, stomach and intestines, internal and external secretion colons and metabolism; bath cures are good for the diseases of heart, circulation disorder and rheumatism.

Accommodation: Municipality Thermal Hotel; (130 beds), Hotel Pine ( 39 rooms, 81 beds)

Sey Turkish Bath Thermal Tourism Center

It is 2 km west of Guvem town on Kizilcahamam - Cerkeş road . The temperature of water is 43°C. It is utilized with drinking and bath cures. It has positive affects on diseases like rheumatism, joints and arthritis, stomach and intestines, blood circulation, neural diseases, liver and bladder, nutrition disorder

Accommodation: There are 14 rooms, 28 beds in thermal spring facility.



It is located 5 minutes of walking distance away from Kizilcahamam county borough on Ankara – Istanbul E-5 highway

Thermal Spring Facilities:

6 indoor pools (two thermal spring pools, two swimming pools, 2 children’s pools), 4 outdoor pools (two outdoor swimming pools, two outdoor children’s pools

Balneotherapy Applications:

Thermal spring pool, balneotherapy bath tub, special hand-foot balneotherapy tubs, whirlpool.

Hydrotherapy Applications:

Underwater massage, jet shower, affusion shower, crystal bath (color, sound, magnetic field therapy), whirlpool

Physiotherapy Unit

Ultrasound therapy, electrotherapy, vacuum therapy


There are capacity of total 2148 beds, air conditioners, mini bar, PAY TV, hair dryer, telephone, thermo mineral spa tub and internet in rooms. Also there are refrigerator, cooker, microwave oven and kitchen utensils in apart flats.

Other Health Purpose Facilities:

Sauna, Turkish bath, skin and body care and beauty centers, solarium, family spa.

Sports, Cultural, Entertainment and Other Purpose Facilities:

Fitness center, tennis court, football ground, walking course, volleyball ground, basketball ground, cycling, tracking, table tennis, air hockey, water polo
Amphitheater, indoor theater, movie theater, library, conference and education areas.
Bridge room, pool room, pinball room, darts, computer games, internet cafe
3 restaurants, arrangements for disabled patients, shopping center, indoor and outdoor car park

Asya Kizilcahamam Thermal Holiday Village*****

2148 beds
İsmet Paşa Mah. Kızılcahamam-ANKARA

Tel: +90.312.736 40 00
Fax: +90.312.736 69 49



It is located in Kizilcahamam district.

Thermal Spring Facilities

1 outdoor and 1 indoor 2 thermal water pools and 1 children’s pool

Other Health Purpose Facilities:

Sauna, Turkish bath, whirlpool and health unit


There are156 rooms, 312 beds. Also there are 4 suites.

Sports, Cultural, Entertainment and Other Purpose Facilities:

Forest, zoo, lobby, cafeteria, bar, poolroom.
Gym, tennis court
Restaurant, meeting and conference halls, shopping center, car park

Patalya Thermal Resort*****

156 rooms, 312 beds, 4 suites
Soğuksu Milli Parkı içi, Kızılcahamam-ANKARA

Tel: +90.312.736 02 00
Fax: +90.312.736 02 10



It is located in Kizilcahamam district of Ankara.

Thermal Spring Facilities:

2 indoor and 1 outdoor thermal pools, 5 private baths. Additionally, thermal water in 15 tubs and 15 whirlpools in the rooms.

Thermal Spring Water Characteristics:

It is thermal water with sodium bicarbonates, chloride, fluoride and with a natural spring temperature of 78°C. With a new technology, the temperature of water is decreased 40 °C.

Diseases Cured:

Rheumatism, fracture symptoms and some skin diseases. r


Capacity of 203 beds

Other Health Purpose facilities:

Sauna, Turkish Bath, skin care, plant bath and solarium

Ab-i Hayat Thermal Hotel***

78 rooms, 203 beds, 15 suites
Kazım Karabekir Cad., Kızılcahamam-ANKARA

Tel: +90.312.736 56 20
Fax: +90.312.736 32 11


Ayaş Thermal Spring is famous with mineral water of thermal cure center quality. A modern physiotherapy and rehabilitation center with a capacity of 50 patients was established in the facility, which has license from Ministry of Health.

It is located in Ayas district of Ankara.


Transportation is carried out with bus from Etlik Garage, Ankara, and with private vehicles.

Short History

It is suggested that this thermal spa was operated by Hittites. Also, it was detected in the researches made that it was operated during the reign of Romans, Seljuk and Ottomans and after.

Climatic Characteristics:

A semi-dry climate rules in the zone according to “Yearly Drought Scale”.
Thermal Spring facilities:

5 indoor thermal water pool, thermal water tubs in 36 rooms.
Spa Treatment Facilities Other Than Bath:

Drinking cure.

Thermal Spring Water Characteristics:

It is thermo-mineral water with sodium, calcium chloride and carbon dioxide and with a natural spring temperature of 50 °C.

Diseases Cured:

It is used as bath for all rheumatism diseases and as mineral water for some liver, stomach, intestines, bladder, kidney and parasites.


It has a capacity of 800 beds. Some of this capacity belongs to hotel rooms and rest belongs to pensions. There are 5 hotels of different standards.

Sports, Cultural, Entertainment and Other Purpose Facilities:

Cure park, forest, garden and tea hall
Restaurant, administrative building, garage, car park, market, power plant, laundry.

Ayas SPA and Thermal Spring

380 rooms 1000 beds

Tel: +90.312.718 31 01
Fax: +90.312.718 31 04

Ayas Karakaya Thermal Spring


Tel: +90.312.712 18 67



It is located in Haymana county borough.

Thermal Spring Facilities:

2 indoor thermal pools, 8 private thermal baths and thermal water tubs in hotel rooms.

Thermal Spring Treatment Facilities Beside Bath:

Drinking Cure.

Thermal Spring Water Characteristics:

Akrato thermal water with natural temperature of 40-45°C.

Diseases Cured:

Rheumatism diseases.


Capacity of 188 beds.

Sports, Cultural, Entertainment and Other Purpose Facilities:

Cafeteria, bridge room, restaurant and canteen

Haymana Thermal


Tel: +90.312.658 29 72
Fax: +90.312.658 26 95

Haymana Central Spa Thermal Hotel

90 rooms, 170 beds, 10 suites

Çaldağı Mah., Niyazi Siren Cad. Haymana-ANKARA

Tel: +90.312.658 29 00
Fax: +90.312.658 02 06



Beypazari district is 100 km away from Ankara and 40 km away from Ayas. Thermal facilities are located in a valley which is 15 km away from Beypazari and through which a stream passes.

Thermal Spring Facilities:

There are 4 cure pools in the facilities. 2 of the cure pools have been put into service for ladies and 2 for gentlemen.

Thermal Spring Treatment Facilities Beside Bath

Drinking cure.

Thermal Spring Water Characteristic:

The temperatures of the two pools, which are separated for ladies and gentlemen, are 50 degrees Celsius, the temperatures of the other two pools are 45 oC. Thermal spring water has a combination of chloride, sulfates, sodium, calcium and carbon dioxide.

Diseases Cured:

Beneficial for dermatologic, liver, bladder, pancreas, atherosclerosis diseases


Facilities have capacity of 300 rooms and 700 beds. 36 of the rooms are with tubs filled and thermal spring water. There are telephone, TV sets, refrigerator, shower means in the rooms with tubs.

Sports, Cultural, Entertainment and Other Purpose Facilities:

TV rooms, restaurant, market, souvenirs stand, laundry, small mosque, children’s game park, 24 hours open PTT.

Beypazari Dutlu Tahtali SPA and Thermal Hotel

300 rooms, 700 beds

Tel: +90.312.713 14 21
Fax: +90.312.762 84 24


Ankara İl Turizm Müdürlüğü

Anafartalar Caddesi No: 67 06050 Ulus

Tel : +90.312.312 35 25
Fax : +90.312.310 03 42